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On 79-m to year of life in Berlin, died a famous German actor Dieter Laser
Shown in the last day of the contest, the picture of Mohammad Rasoulof "there is no Evil" was awarded the "Golden bear" 70-th Berlin film festival as best film. The award was received by his daughter, because he Rasoulof takes the same path as his compatriot Jafar Panahi. Passport had not, as well as the right to leave the country. It is forbidden to remove, but it removes. The court sentenced Rasoulof to prison for anti-state activities threatening the national security. Silver bear for outstanding artistic achievement jury headed by British actor Jeremy irons was awarded the operator of the film "Dau. Natasha" Ilya Khrzhanovsky jürgen Urges – the German classics, who worked with Fassbinder, Wenders, Haneke.
The world premiere of the 700-hour art project "Dau" by Ilya Khrzhanovsky was taken a year ago in Paris, although it was initially planned in the German capital. However, local officials have a radical idea of a Russian Director on the construction of similarity of the Berlin wall was not supported and had to go to France. But "the Dow" still made it to the Berlinale, albeit not in the form of a giant attraction. Two paintings of the ambitious project are part of one of the world's major festivals.
70-th Berlin film festival was visited by Hillary Clinton, who became the heroine of the documentary series "Hillary," directed by Nanette Burstyn. 252 minutes of the picture among the first spectators appreciated and columnist for "MK".
70-th Berlin film festival at the mid-point. Rating critics the leader until the contest picture "Undine" by German Director Christian Petzold, where everyone is familiar in Andersen's fairy tale the story about the mermaid moved to the present day.
The Vakhtangov theatre brought to the play "Our class". The shows will take place in the theater "Marigny" on the Champs Elysees in the framework of the 100th anniversary of the best Russian theater and in fact continue the world tour, which started in honor of significant dates in September last year. Two performances have already passed on hurrah. Detail from the capital of France — the observer "MK".