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Wednesday, October 28, 2020
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Because of the pandemic of the coronavirus by more than 80 countries increased export barriers for medical goods and food. Of particular concern are bans on the export of rice from South-East Asia, as it affects food security of entire regions
Prominent figures of Russian culture appealed to the international community, to the leadership of UNESCO with a proposal to hold in June, the international cultural marathon in support of the foundations of the world community and its fundamental values
Isolation has forced people to move EN masse on online shopping products. Despite the fact that there is no shortage of food, to such an influx of clients or traditional network or online stores were not ready
The Eurasian economic Commission imposed a ban on the export from the countries of the EAEU of certain food products. In the Russian Ministry of agriculture stressed that in the present shortage of these products is not observed
The demand for sports goods is increasing, in isolation, many have decided to engage in their physical form. But even exercising at home is not free. They require inventory, the cost of which was evaluated by the experts
In Germany has issued recommendations on how to prepare if something goes a long quarantine. Russians clear instructions were not given. What is the stock of products need to have in case of a ten-day isolation - read in the material "RG"
The Russians are four times more likely steel to order takeaway food online. "The past week was a huge volume of orders," - said the President of the Association of companies of Internet trade
Trade networks are forced to go to extraordinary measures to replenish stocks after the raids of buyers. Available inventory and production capacity in Russia is sufficient to meet the increased demand, assured the Vice-Premier of Victoria Abramchenko
No quarantine in the near future in Russia, to enter not planned, reported today in the operational headquarters, headed by Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova. "The ongoing set of adequate measures," - said the headquarters
Grocery stocks in the capital's shops and warehouses enough, said the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin. The demand for food actually increased because many are purchased in store due to home quarantine or long-term departure to the cottage, explained the mayor
In a situation of excessive demand on food trade network are forced to go to unusual measures to restock. Market participants discussed the situation at the round table "a Stress test for the coronavirus for business"
The procedure of registration of sick leave and payment of benefits for temporary disability to the citizens who are quarantined because of the coronavirus, approved by the government. We are talking about insured persons returning from countries with diseases and living with them
Almost all Chinese suppliers AliExpress restored supplies of goods to customers in the regular mode. Detainees in the previous month and a half parcels will be transferred to delivery within 10 days
Coronavirus will lead to complications in the export of agricultural products. But not to fear a shortage of products in stores. In order to avoid losses trading network taken care of in advance about alternative delivery channels