Suppliers of rice and sunflower oil raised prices by 50%

Suppliers of rice and sunflower oil raised prices by 50% Suppliers of rice and sunflower oil raised prices by 50%
AGN Moscow / Sergey Kiselev

Suppliers of rice and sunflower oil, has informed on increase in prices by 50%, reported TASS in the company X5 Retail Group.

“In March and early April, we received notices of price increases from suppliers of most categories of goods. Percentage of the claimed increase all varies from 10-15% on canned meat and pasta to 50% for rice and sunflower oil,” – explained in the company.

it noted that “understand” partners, because the current growth of prices there are objective reasons that affect the cost of the goods. They are associated with the fall of the ruble and the pandemic coronavirus. At the same time every provider of X5 Retail Group conducts negotiations and asked to justify the increase.

in addition, X5 eliminates the growth of prices for some products at the expense of their own margin. “For example, over the past two weeks suppliers of flour has increased selling prices by 12.4%, while on the shelf “Pyaterochka” the price has changed by 0.6%. Rice and pearl barley went up in the purchase of 21.6% and 11.2%, in the “roundabout” – only 1.3% and 0.1%,” – explained in the company.

For the week from 1 to 8 April in retail stores the price of apples remains unchanged, while the purchase price over the same period increased by 7.1%, and the salt and butter in retail fell by 1.6% and 1.4% with cost increase of 7% and 0,7% respectively, added in X5.

in addition, X5, Magnit and Metro zeroed trading margin on the part of socially important goods, which helped to keep prices in retail and even lower them on some items, as noted in X5. “Retail prices for pasta and milk increased by 0.7% and 0.3%, with growth in purchase prices by 9.7% and 7.2% respectively,” – said the representative of the retailer.

the Rapid increase in food prices causes concern to Federal authorities. Prime Minister of Russia Mikhail Mishustin supported the proposal of the faction “United Russia” about a possible freeze on food prices, which can only worsen the situation on the market and lead to a chronic trade deficit.

for Example, up to 15% more expensive pasta, bread and other flour products. The reason is the increase of costs of transport companies, which has increased since the beginning of March twice. More significantly, prices for fish, tea, coffee and cocoa. The Prosecutor General’s office also instructed to check the validity of the increase in the price of ginger, garlic and lemons which help to strengthen immunity.

Cost of ginger in a “roundabout” is about 400 rubles per kg In the last week the price growth in this category has not exceeded 8% increase in prices from suppliers by 13.5%. “The price on the shelf is currently lower than in mid-March, despite the fact that the growth of demand for these products in the network since mid-March amounted to more than 80%”, – noted in the company.

Retail prices for lemons in the “roundabout” have demonstrated multidirectional dynamics. For example, weigh the lemons from Uzbekistan for two weeks has fallen almost 11% against the background of reduction of the purchase price. Other products in this category are more expensive following the increase in prices from suppliers. The minimum price of loose lemons today is about 260 rubles for kg, pre-packaged (three pieces in the package) – within 120 rubles.

X5 Retail Group (“Pyaterochka”, “Perekrestok” and “Carousel”) 16 operates 297 stores. For 2019, the revenues of the company amounted to 1,734 trillion rubles.