It’s not necessarily a rosy future. The Coronavirus is spreading rapidly around the world. Governments try to maintain the health of the population, with output restrictions and contact is forbidden. Under the Shutdown, in turn, the economy suffers massively. Worldwide rescue packages and unparalleled support to prevent the worst.

However, the markets for weeks in an unprecedented uncertainty condition. The stock markets are plunging, the price of Oil is unstable and Gold is perhaps a reliable safe haven more. The “Handelsblatt” has taken the slide rule to the Hand, and shows how 100,000 euros would have invested capital in various asset classes in the first quarter of 2020:

All the developments relating to the outbreak of the Coronavirus: Coronavirus outbreak in the News Ticker With a new method of counting Infected people number in China, significantly


in Total, were destroyed, according to Landesbank Baden-Württemberg since January on the stock exchanges of the world $ 12 trillion of investors ‘ money.

The S&P 500 lost 20 percent – and thus recorded the strongest quarter in its history. Anyone who has invested 100,000 euros, the stay (thanks to the dollar exchange rate) 81.420 euros to spare. But it is even worse: The German leading index lists many export-dependent companies. Accordingly, the Dax lost. Of 100,000 euros, around a quarter would be lost. DAX 9.544,75 PTS. -391,09 (-3,94%) Xetra

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course data

All the developments on the stock exchanges: +++ News Ticker to the Corona-Crash+++ – Adidas apologizes and pays now, but the rent


state papers of the United States or Europe, especially from Germany, are in demand in times of crisis. Investors do not expect to lose your money in the case of a dramatic recession. And indeed, anyone Who has invested in the January € 100,000 in U.S. bonds, you can make a profit of 11,300 euros. For German bunds, there were only 240 euros more.

raw materials:

Shine: Palladium and Gold in the first quarter of the year, the winner among the raw materials. Palladium benefited in March from a multi-week mine closure and the associated fear of scarcity and made a big jump in price. From € 100,000, investors could, therefore, make 123.460 Euro.

Also available with Gold would have set investors on a “safe port”. Until today, five and a half percent Plus would have been in there. Different in silver: The price of the precious metal fell in the meantime, significantly, copper at a similar rate. Gold in Euro 1.454,17 EUR +24,14 (+1,69%) except over-the-counter To the course data

it is Absolutely clear loser among the commodities, however, the Oil. In addition to the corona crisis, the price also suffered under dispute, the producing countries themselves. The “Handelsblatt” writes: “With 22,76 dollars of the price of a Barrel (159 litres) of Brent crude has fallen at the beginning of the week to the lowest level in more than 17 years. 100,000 to the beginning of the year in Oil Euro invested only 41.830 Euro remain to be desired. A greater loss exists in no other asset class.” So far, So clear. db Oil price Brent 24,75 USD +2,03 (+8,93%) OTC

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currencies To the course data:

came Under pressure against all of the currencies from emerging countries, including the Brazilian Real. EUR 100,000 in a Real – that is, after the first few months of the year 21.100 Euro loss in the books. Also, the Russian ruble has lost massive – the country will be hit by the decline in the price of Oil greatly.

Also, Bitcoin has fluctuated concern. Ultimately, the crypto-currency made since the beginning of the year a loss. Those who invested in Swiss francs or US dollars, made a profit.

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