At the party conference of the Berlin state association of the CDU, Christian Democrats elected a top candidate for the upcoming re-election. The state and faction leader Kai Wegner will go against Franziska Giffey (SPD) in the race.

The state and parliamentary group leader Kai Wegner is leading the Berlin CDU in the election campaign for the repeat election on February 12. At a party conference on Saturday, the 50-year-old was elected the top candidate in an open vote with a large majority. There were no votes against and only one abstention.

In a one-hour speech, Wegner had previously reiterated the CDU’s claim to be the strongest force in the election and to replace the red-green-red with Prime Minister Franziska Giffey (SPD). “And yes, I want to be Governing Mayor. Well, what else,” he said.

Berlin’s Constitutional Court ruled on November 16 that the election to the House of Representatives must be repeated in its entirety. The vote in September 2021 was invalid due to “serious systemic deficiencies” and many electoral errors. According to the verdict, the parties must compete with the same applicants as then. This applies to both list and direct candidates.

In 2021, Wegner was chosen as the top candidate at a CDU party conference in a secret ballot with around 90 percent. In the elections to the House of Representatives, the CDU became the third strongest behind the SPD and the Greens.

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