Stars of ‘Euphoria” confirm real-life romance in a cute, new pic

After weeks of speculation, Dominic Fike uploaded a photo to Instagram that suggested a real-life relationship between Hunter Schafer and him.

By Maddie Ellis

The last few episodes of Euphoria featured Jules (Hunter Schafer), a newly reunited woman with Rue (Zendaya), who flirted and finally kissed Elliot (Dominic Fike).

It turns out that the chemistry between Schafer & Fike is more than what you see on the screen.

Fike’s recent Instagram posts seem to confirm that they are officially in a relationship.

Fike and Schafer are seen sitting at a table in a restaurant and sharing a kiss with Fike over a piece of chocolate cake. He wrote, “Happy birthday happy birthday” over the image, even though Schafer and Fike are both December birthdays.

Fike can be seen laughing with his co-star Jules in Schafer’s Instagram video. After an arduous relationship with Zendaya’s Rue in season 1, the couple finally seem to have a better relationship. This is when Elliot, played in season one by Dominic Fike, entered. HBO Max

Fike, who is a singer/songwriter best known for “3 Nights,” was cast in “Euphoria,” season 2. He plays Elliot, a fellow drug addict, which Rue first meets at a New Years party. They quickly form a friendship in the episode’s premiere. The group began hanging out together as a trio after Rue introduced Elliot and Jules to each other. In episode three, Elliot admitted to having an attraction to Rue, Jules, and both of them in the premiere episode.

“You’re fascinating, right? “You’re fascinating, right?” Elliot says to Jules. He then tells Jules that he has a crush upon Rue. These latest Instagram photos seem to confirm that Fike and Schafer are doing well.

Season two’s finale will air on February 27, but season three will see “Euphoria”. HBO renewed the series after breaking records with over 14 million viewers in the season two premiere.