The moon landing it was! The most popular conspiracy theory on the planet is confirmed. In any case, from the point of view of the Swiss television. Because there, at the Leutschenbach, there is no longer you. The Landing On The Moon. The 8-pound belts with the original material were transferred. Sounds ridiculous, the time the document is irrevocably lost.

dear Swiss television, I know, how about you guys just because I know this feeling of Emptiness. Really! No Kidding. Because this week, my family imploded album. The Digital on the computer, another one I don’t own. And it happened like this:

Because it’s a fast, fast world out there, decided my girlfriend a few years ago that we need an external hard drive. Somewhere you had to take the pictures of bead yeah, the produced our family all the time. These disks are made of hard solid a bit like bricks, approximately the same. In any case, a tangible value. Unfortunately, a fallacy.

a few days Ago at home in a state of panic. All the pictures were gone from the hard drive, The baby repaid: images of the first-born, snapshots from the youth, family portraits … no, be aware you have deleted is not 60’000 images from your life, clarified my friend. She looked at me as if I had taken her to anything. But I was not there.

“How do I save images from the hard drive?” Google gave us multiple hits for emergency transfer programs: 109 Swiss francs 55 centimes, somewhere in the Depths of the Internet. A fair price, it seemed to us. We kramten to the credit card and paid. Four hours later, we breathed a sigh of relief because: Everything.

The tech-savvy uncle laughed later when he heard that we had paid for a service. But what we should do, we were desperate.

in any case, the rescued a technique, what had screwed up the other technique. We felt like Mark Zuckerberg, the lever of digitization.
Next week we buy a picture album. What is solid to the touch, like a 8-Kilo roll of film. You’re welcome to come with me, dear Swiss television.