In the bathroom is usually little space we need for daily care and hygiene of the body, some of the products. The cabinets and shelves are fully loaded, and some of the later articles are now expired and should no longer be used. By then, it is high time, once again, the bathroom clean out!

Here you will learn what things you should sort out without having a bad Conscience, in order to create more order and space on shelves and in cabinets:

Old products

for example, If a cream is too old, or a very long time ago has been opened, it should be disposed of. Cosmetics are expired products or “turned over”, which means that the color, smell or consistency has changed, can lead to irritation. It is, therefore, also for their own health better, such old products, throw it away.

Unused bathroom items

Some things, the cabinets in the Bathroom and shelves are stored are never been used, often it is also trial sizes, distributed gifts as advertising. Either you don’t use these products now, finally, if you are too old, or gives you more. If both is not an Option, the product better in the waste than unnecessary space wasting.

sun creams last season

sun protection is important. After about a year, creams and Sprays lose their protective function and the skin should be replaced to love by new products. On many sun creams with a recommendation from the manufacturer, how long after the Open, or up to the date they are durable stands.

Forgotten glasses and contact lenses

In many bathrooms, almost dried-up contact lenses and old eyeglasses, which do not correspond to the vision are to be found. Nothing like the way this is damaging to the eyes and makes the worst case for a further deterioration of the eyesight.

Unusable hair products

combs, who have lost single teeth, brush, you can not get clean properly, worn out hair clips rubber or warped hair all of this is you are probably using, which is why you should take care of farewell.

What is not to like

Sometimes, your taste changes over time, or has made a false buying: Some of the products in the bathroom, one no longer uses or has never used. In which case, you should be consistent and these things sort out.

Double products

tweezers, nail files, Eyelash curlers, razors or Hairdryers – these things you don’t need multiple executions, to name just a few examples. What one has twice or too much, can be disposed of. The resulting space can be used for other better. And the less unnecessary things in the bathroom lying around, the easier it is for shelves and cabinets to keep clean.

tips for spring cleaning

spring is here! A particularly thorough and effective spring cleaning will manage this year, with the following 10 tips that are easy to implement. The apartment is hygienically clean.

5 tips to creating order in the kitchen

usually, many Swiss travel over Easter abroad. Since this is not this year due to the Coronavirus possible, you need an alternative program for the long weekend. How about mucking out with a kitchen?

what to do with the old stuff?

What to get good, you can bring in a chunk of the house. On the second is a list with all the chunks of houses of the respective Canton. Some charity shops also offer a (usually paid) pick up service. For books, there are books-Brockis.

Who get rid of his old clothes, and wants to do something Good, bring them to a charity shop.

the Internet can offer his stuff. On the exchange page of exsila.los is ch, one of books, clothing to collectibles, all sorts of things. You want to earn with his old things money, can you load pictures of it in, or high and sell ‘ em.

it is possible to leave bulky waste collection provide or at a collection point. Both services are free of charge.

the Old paints, chemicals, electrical equipment and other hazardous waste you need to dispose of it in a professional manner and to a collection. On the, a directory with all the collection points in the area.