When spring cleaning always come back items to the fore, which have in their own household long no place. Typically, chunks of the houses are the ideal consumers for such items. Due to the current crisis, whose services are, however, discontinued in Switzerland.

As so often, the Internet for a remedy: On the Online sales platforms are highly sought-after free furniture and fixtures, namely extremely. You create a listing with photo and offer your product free of charge to pick.

So, get rid of your old goods and make someone a joy. Also, in Facebook groups for persons with limited financial resources to buyers for its well-preserved household appliances and furniture, can often be found.

a household item of not more give or it is broken, you can recycle it. Most recycling points are also available during the Corona-crisis.

valuable and re-usable clothing and shoes

Old items of clothing can be made with old clothes containers or street collections. These dresses are not recycled, but abroad sold. The proceeds will be donated for the most part for charitable purposes. Due to the Coronavirus, only the containers are currently available.

Broken clothing made of cotton is also allowed to be thrown in the Container. This cloth or rice are produced from wool. Only damaged clothing made of synthetic Material (for example, outdooor dresses or sport shirts) may not be re-used and heard of in the household waste.

Electronic simple

Always return, if you buy in Switzerland, an electronic device, you pay a small recycling fee. For this, you will not make these devices, at any time, at all points of sale of electrical appliances free of charge. The business will take care of the recycling. Due to the current extraordinary situation this is not possible currently, unfortunately.

if Anyone would like to get rid of his old Toaster still strongly, this can be disposed of at official landfills. Also, these Bodies have, however, changed opening Hours. So it is worthwhile for a short period of time to call and ask.

metal is ideal for recycling

pans and other metal objects can be recycled to a very large extent. So it pays to recycle them. The disposal of metal is simple: To ordinary Recycling all the usual metals are usually collected.

Depending on the Canton-ferrous metals (magnetic) and non-ferrous metals (non magnetic) however, in the same container. Only a particularly large metal waste that will not fit in the Container, must be brought to recycling stations.

appearances can be deceiving in harness

Even if to detect by the eye no difference is: drinking glasses are not part of the glass collection, because they have a higher lead content than Mason jars and other glass packaging. Also in the collection of glass window, glasses, mirror, tableware and flower vases are allowed. These belong in the household waste or to the landfill.

CDs and DVDs can be recycled

movies, music, and data: most of it we keep today digital. If you want to get rid of your old CD collection, you may dispose of them in normal household waste. Eco-friendly and cost-effective it is to recycle CDs: In every branch of Migros CDs can be at the collection point or at the cashier just delivered body. In order to make sensitive data on the CD unreadable, break the CD or scratch it with a pair of scissors.

The long list of the special waste

To the list of special wastes includes a surprising number of items: old hair spray cans, Oil to cleaning agents and batteries. If you go in the normal rubbish or in the drains, they represent a danger for humans and the environment. So old Oil clogged, for example, the sewer system and is difficult to re-filter.

The majority of special waste must be delivered therefore, in the case of separate collection points. An exception is batteries, and empty toner to form cassettes. They can be returned where you bought them. And spray cans without a hazard symbol may also be used in normal household waste disposed of.

7 mistakes to avoid make Clean should

The deep clean of the apartment can go a lot wrong. These errors should happen to you in any case.