Norilsk Nickel not only plans to spend 10 billion roubles on liquidation of consequences of the oil spill, but will also allocate funds for unplanned maintenance, a revision of their industrial facilities. Such a promise was given by the head of the company Vladimir Potanin, President of Russia Vladimir Putin, going to allocate RUB 11 billion in 2021 and 2.5 billion rubles— in the present. The company has already spent 5 billion rubles of the estimated 10 billion by the spill.Publicly declared commitments, “Norilsk Nickel” related to the accident at TPP-3 under the Norilsk exceeded 20 billion rubles on June 19 meeting with the President of Russia the head GMK Vladimir Potanin said that the company has allocated additional funds for unscheduled technical audits of its facilities in 2021: “Now we are conducting an unscheduled audit of all our properties, including jointly with Rostekhnadzor, identify weaknesses, and conduct activities on further strengthening of protective structures on these objects”. “Have allocated additional funds. This year we plan to get 2.5 billion rubles of these funds and the next year another 11 billion rubles,”— said Vladimir Potanin.According to Mr Potanin, Norilsk Nickel funded the operation to eliminate the consequences of a spill of diesel fuel in the amount of RUB 5 billion “has More than 200 staff, more than 150 units of equipment are involved daily. Moreover, we fully Fund this work, to date, financed about 5 billion rubles, and in the future, fulfilling our promise, we will Fund this, not a single ruble from the budget will not be spent”,— assured the head of the MMC.To read dleague weeks ago, Vladimir Putin told Vladimir Putin that the cost of liquidation will amount to 10 billion rubles (see “Kommersant” on 5 June). The accident occurred on may 29 at CHP-3, which is owned by subsidiaries of Norilsk Nickel (see “Kommersant” on 4 June). As a result of subsidence of the supports of the Foundation in the environment, including in twin river, were more than 21 thousand tons of winter diesel fuel.Another consequence for “Norilsk Nickel” will be the dividend adjustment. Vladimir Potanin have proposed that the joint agreement waive the payment of an interim dividend for the year 2020, and the final dividend for the year 2020 to limit a minimum level of $1 billion, “RUSAL” is ready to consider the specific size of dividend payments, “Norilsk Nickel”, when shareholders will have accurate information on the damage caused by MMC. At the legislative level are also expected innovations. The Minister of natural resources Dmitry Kobylkin has suggested to fix legislatively the concept of “reliability management of infrastructure”. This will require companies to have emergency response plans and salvage funds and to revise the method of calculating damages. In the Arctic will be the wave of inspections on industrialbjectiv. Rosprirodnadzor together with Rostekhnadzor has identified 426 enterprises of the Arctic zone, which will check from July for the prevention of such accidents.Eugene Zainullin