Director General of Mosmetrostroy Sergei Zhukov reported to the head of the city: “Any problems we have. The main work we have done, began to architecture. In General, in the North-Eastern section of BKL in September the challenge is to complete the distillation of the tunnels. All goes on schedule. Two of a stage from station “Stromynka” to “Riga” and “Riga” to “the Sheremetyevo”.

Speaking about the importance of a great circle metro, Sobyanin said, “the Great circle line is the most important construction of the metro. It will improve transport accessibility of Muscovites, even those who do not use the metro. Station “Electrozavodskaya” is very complex, this is a future transit hub between the Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya metro line and the third diameter IDC of the Kazan direction. The station I hope we get to the end of the year will pass and next year will provide the Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya line of the new station.”

to Build a “Elektrozavodskaya” began in 2016. It is situated on the section between the stations of Nizhny Novgorod “and “Savelovsky”. At the moment of its readiness is 70%. The whole North-Eastern section of the BKL will improve transport services for 12 districts of the Moscow Savelovskiy, Butyrskaya, Alekseevsky, Krasnoselsky, the Maryina Roshcha, bourgeois, Sokolniki, Basmanny, mount Falcon and Lefortovo. Its length is 14 kilometers. While in operation in the area entered the station “Nizhny Novgorod”, “Aviamotornaya” and “Lefortovo”. Four built – Elektrozavodskaya “Sokolniki”, “Riga” and “Marina Grove”.