Until a few weeks ago was in the German craft everything is still rosy. Full order books and excellent prospects for the Economy, agreed the industry is confident. For consumers, it was difficult to get appointments.

the spread of The Coronavirus in Germany and Europe has now led to drastic declines in the business activity of craft. Thus, the Association of German crafts (ZDH) reports, according to Central currently, three out of four Operated by sales declines by an average of 53 percent, due to the Corona-crisis.

customers cancel orders after months of waiting

Many consumers are confused due to the current situation and are afraid of being infected with the Virus. As a result, the order backlog of the companies has been greatly reduced. Many craftsmen reported cancellations of previously agreed orders. A few weeks ago, an almost unthinkable process: Who cancels a contract, he has been waiting for up to three months? About the experts

Mathias Klement managing Director and Chief Product Officer (CPO) of around home, an Online Portal for over 50 professional services around the house. He is head of the Germany-wide customer consultation and has also been responsible for the strategic development of the product range.

another Problem is that It also craftsmen are missing. According to the ZDH, 36 percent of the holdings of a corona due to failure are affected. On average just every third employee in the German craft.

As I’m now still at a craftsman?

it is a fact that The craft is in need of just now, the orders. They fall out, threatened with a broke shaft. And, according to the ZDH, it could come in the current situation, especially in large cities even be easier to make appointments, than before the crisis. “May has improved the availability of craftsmen, in some cases, because customers will cancel part orders and, thereby, in the Operated capacity,” says the CIO.

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For consumers, it could be so just now again possible to get the sought-after craftsmen on the phone, what was before the crisis, often a virtually insurmountable hurdle. The specialists have not had the time to do so. If this does not work, you can try it, especially in times of the contact-lock on online portals such as around the home, MyHammer or on certain craft services specialized platforms, such as Banovo, or window view. At the moment, the chances are good to get online relatively quickly, with a date on it. Many craftsmen will use the crisis as an opportunity to digital better set up.

Which trades are allowed to work at all yet?

first The good news: It is still possible to hire craftsmen as well as gardeners. Farms can be contacted as usual, the current contact has a lock on it has no effect. In the garden, or in the case of plumbing work to the prescribed distance of 1.5 metres can be maintained quite easily. It is worthwhile in any case, to craft work around the house to leave just now. The artisans will thank you for it, that you support them in this time.

Important repairs in the house may also take place in these days is quite normal. The necessary tradesmen, such as electricians, painters, heating installers or plumbing technicians are allowed to work without restriction. Lease: beware of these clauses (display) click Here to check the rental contract!

An important note: The Situation of the artisans can change at any time, depending on the risk situation by the Virus. For more information on a job online or by calling your local chamber of crafts, whether an implementation is still legal or harmless to health.

If the craftsman: What rules of conduct must I follow?

It is basically a question of common sense: Protect others, you protect yourself. This is also true for dealing with artisans. You are sick, be honest to yourself and to the artisans. It is an occupational group that is exposed to all of this is a high health risk, by working.

So: Are you sick, give you notice and cancel the appointment if possible. With the necessary Hygiene measures and adequate spacing of the appointment can take place any still. The handyman is in the house, they communicate through closed doors or less “around the corner”. You don’t have to be in the same room, trust the expert or the specialist. At best you can discuss all order details in advance on the phone, for example, whether a cash payment can be avoided. Outdoor work in the garden, on the roof or the facade are relatively unproblematic, the contact risk is very low.

craftsmen Are now even more expensive than before the crisis?

was Also in front of the Corona-crisis: Many of the craft services cost a lot of money. Unfortunately, it is quite possible that the cost for a craftsman will increase by the crisis situation again. There are several reasons.

For one, many companies need to compensate for the loss of jobs. The loss of revenue be passed on to the customers, despite government aid packages. You should understand, because many of the artisans are fighting for the future of their existence. Another reason for a possible increase in costs, bottlenecks in the case of some materials, leading to rising procurement prices for craftsmen, according to the ZDH.

The deepest point of you don’t anyway – but do not go as winners from the crisis, FOCUS Online is The lowest point you anyway – but you will go as a winner from the crisis