Smolov stated that he would like to stay in Spain

Wednesday 8 April, the forward was the guest of a live in Instagram Alexander Kerzhakov, where he answered fans ‘ questions. He talked about the fact that I intend after the expiration of the lease in “Celta” to stay in Spain.

Photo: EPA-EFE/STR real Madrid does not intend to acquire Cristiano Ronaldo

According to Smolov, the championship of this country of a completely different level than RPL.

“the Level in Spain is another. It’s so fun. Everything on the attack, everyone is thinking about the attack. When I learned about the interest and has given prior consent, we specifically looked at their composition. Immediately thought: “How such a composition, they are in the relegation zone?” There futboli individually strong, but played not very normal. But you see, I have a man and everything will work”, he said.

Photo: REUTERS/Jorge Adorno Ronaldinho released from prison in Paraguay under house arrest

Smolov also told that a hundred percent made the right decision with the transition in “Salto”. “I want to stay in Spain,” said Smolov.

the striker Also talked about how that came to Russia from Spain, received permission from the club. “Two and a half weeks off to fly, he said. – What’s the difference where I sit? There was no where to practice. “Celta” in the end, allowed and released. I would hardly ever flew” – said Smolov.

he Also said that he came to Russia through Belarus. He flew to Minsk, whence went to Moscow by car, passing through all necessary procedures during a pandemic coronavirus.