SK will reduce the presence of employees in the workplace due to coronavirus

In particular, the order to officers and cadets. Decided to minimize the presence in workplaces of women serving in the TFR, to 6 APR. This is done as stated in the document, in order to have “the ability to monitor their children and adherence isolation”.

Photo: Sergey Mikheev/RG the Majority of new cases of coronavirus in Moscow – people under 40 years old

As explained correspondent “RG” the official representative of the investigative Department Svetlana Petrenko, this applies to women serving in the Central office of the Ministry in Moscow and in regional investigative offices.

For the rest of the staff of the Investigative Committee this week will also be entered to limit the presence at the workplace “with the establishment of a special schedule watch”. The Ministry stressed that the new mode will not affect the activities of the Investigative Committee, “and delivered to the Ministry and his staff will be implemented in full”.

a Separate order applies to all educational institutions of the Russian IC. They normally will continue to work with men “in terms of providing the necessary security measures to prevent possible spread of the virus.”

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the leadership of the cadet schools and academies in Moscow and St. Petersburg is entrusted to carry out continuous monitoring of compliance with legal repress isolation and the quality of their remote learning. Particular attention should be paid to children-orphans and children left without parental care, providing them with daily inspection and monitoring of health status, disinfection of premises in the place of their stay and respect the rules of exclusion, said the representative of the UK.

All regional divisions of the TFR charged to establish a remote connection with the sponsored orphanages for the organization of the subsequent assistance. And the staff of the regional investigating authorities are required to provide assistance to pupils of the specialized cadet classes of the investigative Committee of Russia, located on their territories, which would exclude the violation of cadet regulations for prevention.

In the UK, said: of these instructions of Alexander bastrykina “are subject to immediate enforcement with the operational report on their implementation to the head of Department.”