It’s not supposed to be people who are not neglected in a home office completely. The real trousers to wear in the morning comb the hair and the jewelry you create. The inside not only in rancid Slippers on the side, but also time to put on shoes in which you could, in theory, in front of the door, if you have to. You know, the style full of flour hamsters, for example. It should also give people the stage all the only. For Social Media. So all the other think that you have his life in full control. Then you briefly a picture of his feet, where serious shoes stuck. What happens after that doesn’t matter.

if you Want to for Likes to recommend loafers. The are called also Slipper, and have, as the Name suggests, the advantage is that you can easily slip in and out. The are so light and comfortable as a slipper yet durable enough to in them, whole cities to traverse. You should still, we would have a few fresh ideas, how could the cheerful panties wonderful to have a few clothes around drape.

On the road, we now wear loafers …

The Spiesser-loafers-for-Asi-pants? Sounds weird, but it’s hip. Very. Probably exactly because of that. If other emergence in Paris for Fashion Week, we can WC as the last roll of paper to go fight for it.

Now, roll over the events: What is true for the Jogging pants, also applies to Leggings. We know the secret of the supposed Chill-Looks, the accessories are. And so a Loafer is basically our Joker, which makes the infamous elastane super serious.

Jeans + white socks + loafers = kind of french, kind of british, kind of College, in any case, narrow-minded, but still insanely cool. A Dane is wearing the Look, chasing the rainbow. Then the Whole thing is frumpy – but all the more sweet.

time travel Fun. And why not with our new favorite shoes back in the Seventies jump? Flared trousers swing quite gorgeous while Running and unlock the loafers short, to hide him again in the next Moment. Yes, currently you have to enjoy the little things of life.

Likes Burning: The Loafer and a wool sock

the bare necessities – the roars of a of each second self-care Post. Who stuffs now a stuffed sock in his loafers, the only way to win: The feet are kept warm, of chubby cashmere umstreichelt and also on Instagram be celebrated. Danish Social-Media-beads, such as Pernille Teisbaek, Torah Valdimars or Jeanette Madsen devote at least the Dream Team of your own Posts. You have the phone there? So about the look:

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