A young girl had been complaining of pain for a long time. Shortly afterwards, a rare tumor was discovered in her abdomen.

A 12-year-old girl from Great Britain has had a rare tumor in her stomach since childhood, reports the British newspaper “The Sun”. The girl complained of stomach pains for a long time. Her mother, a 42-year-old teacher, took her to a hospital for examination, where a tumor was found in her body, which apparently also contained hair and bone.

The young girl’s mother initially feared that her daughter was pregnant because of her bloated stomach. “It was so scary when I took her to the hospital,” the mother told the newspaper. “When I saw her bloated stomach in the hospital, I asked, ‘is there something you want to tell me?'”

However, the examination revealed a completely different finding: the girl was suffering from a teratoma, a rare type of germ cell tumor that can contain teeth, hair and bone. Although such tumors are usually discovered at birth, the teratoma grew undetected in the girl’s abdomen for years.

The tumor had already grown to a critical size, causing the girl’s appendix to burst, reports The Sun. Due to the life-threatening medical situation, the 12-year-old had to undergo emergency surgery to remove the tumor. The removed tissue weighed 3.6 kilograms, about the same weight as a newborn baby.

The doctors suspected that the benign tumor had already developed during embryonic development and had remained undetected for years. “I just couldn’t believe that she had had a tumor all these years. We had absolutely no idea or warning about it,” the mother told “The Sun”.

After the successful operation, the girl recovered well. She was able to leave the hospital after just a few days, as “The Sun” reports. Her mother now wants to use her story to raise awareness among other parents: “It’s so rare and unusual – I’d never heard of it. But I think it’s always important to listen to your children and trust your gut feeling when something is wrong,” said the mother of the twelve-year-old girl.

A woman from Magdeburg suffered a similar fate at the beginning of this year. Doctors there removed a 32 kilogram ovarian tumor from a young woman. According to the university hospital, the benign tumor remained undiscovered for a long time.

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