Shay Mitchell deserves congratulations! The Dollface star announced that she was expecting her second child, with Matte Babel in a heartwarming announcement.

The 34-year old actress, who shares her 2-year-old daughter Atlas and Matte Babel, shared the news in a touching Instagram post that featured her naked baby bump. Shay, who shared her grief over the death of her grandmother a week earlier, wrote a touching caption.

She wrote, “Saying goodbye and simultaneously experiencing the joy in welcoming another into the world is the great circle of life,” alongside a series photos of her current pregnancy. It is also my most difficult season. This was my most difficult season to date. I couldn’t help but believe that this was the plan of the universe. I knew I would need some worldly joy in order to cope with the loss of one of the most important people I have ever known.”

She said, “Yet this is proof love, loss, and life can profoundly exist simultaneously.” Gram, I miss your presence every day. We are so happy to see you, little one. It is a relief to know that you are already connected in a cosmic way.

With her longtime partner Matte, the actress gave way to Atlas in October 2019. Shay had previously spoken out about her miscarriage and how she was able to welcome their rainbow baby.

She said that she decided to wait until she announced her pregnancy because of the first. It didn’t go as planned, and it was very difficult.

Her little Atlas was well worth the wait.

She told E!, “It’s just so amazing.” News March 2021. “And everyone feels this, but this is the first time I have ever experienced a love as strong. It was amazing to watch her learn the various mannerisms, see a little of Matte, and see a bit of me in her.

Shay, who was gushing about the joys and challenges of motherhood, said, “I’m just as like, ‘This it. It’s all there. It’s so much fun!”

It was no surprise that she was excited to begin the motherhood journey again.