Good Morning Britain’s Piers Morgan has projected a message from his new book onto the Houses of Parliament in protest at government ministers’ boycotting of his show due to his caustic critiques of their Covid-19 response.

“…As everyone knows, the Government has boycotted [Good Morning Britain] for over 170 days,” Morgan wrote in a Monday tweet, revealing that since the “gutless weasels” refused to appear on his show, “I decided to go to them” instead. 

Next to the message, Morgan attached a nighttime photo of the Houses of Parliament showing the words “WAKE UP” which he managed to deliver onto the building’s facade via a light projector.

THREAD: So, as everyone knows, the Govt has boycotted @GMB for over 170 days. Given the gutless weasels refuse to come to me, I decided to go to them. In the middle of the night. With a projector & a message from my new book… 1/4

In two more images, the words “Our eyes have been opened and we must never close them again,” are seen projected onto the building.



Morgan has been a brutal critic of Boris Johnson and his government’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic and his criticisms have provoked a refusal of ministers to appear on GMB, though the ‘boycott’ is unofficial.

Many on social media didn’t take kindly to Morgan’s ad-activism, with one user calling the stunt “Shameless self-promotion under the guise of ‘having a go at the [government].’” Another said he was showing his “desperation” by resorting to such tactics.

No one knows and no one cares.

Just a advert for your book then! All about you again – this is why I won’t watch you and definitely won’t be reading your book!

Shameless self promotion under the guise of ‘having a go at the govt’ fair play

Some, however, loved the audacity of Morgan’s move. Media consultant Andrew Bloch called it “PR Stunt of the Day.”

PR Stunt of the Day:In light of the fact that government ministers have refused to go on @GMB for the past 170 days, Piers Morgan decided to go to them, and project a message from his new book onto the Houses of

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