The owner of the sewing room and textile company Manomana in Augsburg, Germany, has shares in an Interview with “n-tv” good. The reason for this is the problematic delivery of your masks.

“We sew already around 10,000 mouth-nose-covers – and here I must not ‘to watch, that I say protection’ or something Similar,” says Sina Trinkwalder. It could also be a “50,000 or 60,000”, if your company were to exploit the full capacity, says the 42-Year-old.

more Specifically, it involves the delivery: “Only in the official order of the authorities or relevant institutions in the context of the emergency” could give your company the masks. In the process, it made no difference whether you give away the masks, or, as it does currently, according to his own statement, sell it at cost price. “Every small request of private care services, for example, or children’s hospices we must reject,” says the entrepreneur.

textile entrepreneur is afraid of penalties if they bring their masks in circulation

The culprit has been identified Trinkwalder quickly: the policy and “warning-lawyers, the home office apparently just too much free time” . The 42-Year-old is afraid of penalties, because of their masks, such as the many Sewing and textile companies in Germany are not certified as medical products. “Who brings you yet in circulation, can, under certain circumstances, punishable by law.” imago stock&people entrepreneur Sina Trinkwalder.

lawyers warned already in the past few days, about to sell masks that are not approved as medicinal products, or to give away. Here, the Tenor was, however, that you should not call it only with the word ‘protection’, because this a deception would take place. Also, a corresponding note would not save it. The 7 best sewing machines in 2020 in comparison (display) What to look for when purchasing

masks can only be medically certified? “The urgent requests are now before the”

in addition to warning letters, criminal threatening providers, and administrative-fine proceedings, if you bring your masks with the wrong name on the market. Reason violations against product-specific labelling requirements according to §4 of the medicine product law.

As a mouth covering, face mask, mouth, Shirt, or nose material that one should refer to them, advised a law firm on Facebook. Alternatively, you could let his masks are also medically certified.

“of course! In July or August, we could then provide numbers for sure relevant to the piece,” says Trinkwalder. “But the urgent requests are, of course, now.” Every day companies get hundreds of emails from care managers, Physicians, and others who had part of no protective clothing. Also private individuals who wanted to help, damn “to do nothing or go to a significant risk”.

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Sina Trinkwalder feels the policy is left in the lurch

Of the policy, the 42-Year-old in the stitch feels left. They reported a request to the Bavarian Ministry of economic Affairs. There you have referenced you “to the Ministry of health”, so Trinkwalder. “Because it means that we are to submit our concerns in writing. The answer we have to wait now.” Meanwhile, would infect people and spread the Virus.

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Söder speaks of “billions of masks,” Trinkwalder appealed to the Federal government

Meanwhile, Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder in the fight against the Coronavirus in Germany, has predicted the long-term needs of the “billion” masks. “We will need in the long term a lot of masks. I believe that we need to end up in Germany, billions of masks,” said CSU head on Thursday in the lower Bavarian Weng (Landkreis Landshut). dpa/Sven Hoppe/dpa, Markus Söder (CSU), Minister President of Bavaria.

First of all, you need the masks for the medical staff and then priority for the elderly and nursing homes, said Söder. You need the masks, but also “in the wider development also at some point, when it comes to labor protection, to the to each other.”

businesswoman drinking Walder continued: “Here, the Federal government is required to quickly create legal certainty. I am not a lawyer, but it must be possible that a Minister says: ‘Who helps to resolve the bottleneck from the simple mouth-nose protection, has nothing to fear. The warning-lawyers keep time for two months, the feet still.'”

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