the games Sector is the One in the final match of the Belgian League at the Timeout Esports to the champions of the Spring Split, to know, to be balanced. It was finally 3-0 in favor of the Sector as One, but still, they are at times hard against a tough and time-out Esports. In Sector One, drag it to €2,500 in the prize pool in the call and it goes to the European Masters in a play-in where they are able to compete with the best teams from all over Europe.

Unlike the first game, we saw the Slyv3r of the time-out Esports once again on Heimerdinger (before the change in the mid-lane and Drawleks had a Taric in the bot lane. Valyrian has opted for Olaf in the jungle, while Tobio This is a Shen in the top lane before. The biggest surprise came from the Dragflick and with a Pyke to be the bot lane is won. Industry, One chose to be a Lee Sin in the jungle with Caitlyn-Karma bot lane. Night, opted for a Ziggs in the mid lane, as the Phoenix, with Aatrox in the direction of the top of the lane and won. It was asked in error for a time-out Esports, after you Dibu, a kill was in Valyrian at the invaden had. However, they have the fights to look up, which is often not good for them to turned into. In Sector One, but still snowballen by the players as the Night, and the Phoenix, their lead was more than 10,000 gold, after about 20 minutes of play. After two extremely one-sided battles, there was nothing left of the Timeout, Esports, and then Sector One, as their basis, and could storm, and the first game was a win.

Sector is the One chosen in the second game and will be facing a Lee Sin, for Dibu, and we Practice again at Caitlyn. Night and went with Syndra at the mid lane. Janna for the Saviour has completed for the bot lane, as the Phoenix once again for Aatrox and mercy. In the time-out Esports, we saw the rather surprising champions. So, chose the Valyrian Master Yi in the jungle, we saw His-Zilean bot lane, and it was Tobio This is with a Positive one, to the top of the lane. Dragflick went with Veigar at the mid lane. It was a time-out thermaltake sent us an early lead, took over as the Master, Y of the Valyrian. The game was very much up and down, and in Sector One, had several times, on bugs here, so the Timeout Esports in life, and, eventually, the Elder Dragon was able to pick up. In the end it was a fight over the second Elder Dragon of that time-out Esports, the tie to home. She could see the Dragon is down, but Sector One was the four kills to end the second game to win it. A lot of hectischere the game, then we’ll just be in the Sector One, by the time Esports is that fighting spirit you showed.

the Timeout Esports decided to once again go back to the resort to make their choices in the first game, with a Pyke-Taric bot lane. Valyrian took an Evening visit to the jungle, and Slyv3r the Ziggs chose to be in the mid lane. An Ornn top of their composition. Industry, One chose to be a He’s a-Rakan bot lane, with the Night, again on a Syndra in the mid lane. Dibu for the third time in a Lee Sin in the jungle, with a Phoenix on Mordekaiser in the top lane. It was a time-out Esports that is able to take the lead in this game, and the Sector is One of the defensive force. It seemed to be even a long time as time-out Esports was on his way to victory, but after a disastrous teamfight worked in Industry, One is back into the game. It was the top laner for Phoenix, and mainly the jungler Dibu, that the tide is all the way that helped return because of a won teamfight in the top lane was the road to victory all the way open. In Sector One, true, Timeout Esports with 3-0 and will crown the first ever Belgian League champion.