Lukas from Water (in the district of Schweinfurt) has on Friday (27. March 2020) celebrated his birthday. He was 14 years old. Different than usual, when relatives and friends come to congratulate over, he spent his year’s special day, only in a circle of the closest family.

In times of imposed output restrictions, for example, his Celebration had to be among friends moved. Karting would have been on the birthday program.

birthday in quarantine dozens of letters, cards & packages

But his mother made sure that Luke 14. Birthday was still special. Days earlier, she posted in a local “Corona-help”group on Facebook that her son had a birthday soon. She asked if group members could write him a birthday card or a letter. A few hours later, she found a full comment column with a numerous Helpful. Because you know, as pleased as a child, when you get Mail, have you started the call, tells the mother

That it is so “degenerate”, would not have it thought however. On Luke’s birthday the letter said the family box formally. Dozens of congratulatory letters, birthday cards and gift packages, brought them into the house.

“for him it was an absolute Surprise,” she says. On the photos you kept, how much the 14-Year-old the Post was from “strangers”. Only congratulations, but also gifts were not, as of two companies from the Region.

“That was opened the envelope is overwhelming” – mother of Luke (14)

Luke, however, a large Letter, that from Eltmann (in the district of Haßberge) was sent out to, was it emotional. In it is a rare Pokémon card in it. It was a collector’s piece, told the mother: “There went with him the tears.”

The sender asked in advance, what are the interests of Luke. Since you have mentioned that your son is an avid pokemon-is Fan, the mother. That is, “I had not thought of,” she says.

With several parents that have been written by Luke, have you already agreed that you can register for the birthday of their children by Post. The birthday celebration in the circle of Relatives will incidentally be made up and the Kart with friends in the summer of 2020, postponed, she says.

So Luke 14. Birthday, in spite of quarantine and Isolation to a special day – thanks to the idea of his mother.

This article was written by Tobias Utz

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