In the Eva Kaili scandal, other EU parliamentarians are suddenly being targeted by the investigators. More than 60 of them are to be checked. There were also further office searches in Brussels on Thursday.

According to the Greek broadcaster “MegaTV”, more than 60 parliamentarians in Brussels are being targeted by investigators. They are all to be checked in the scandal surrounding EU Vice Eva Kaili. The majority is said to come from the S

The point is that the politicians should obviously be very positive or not enough negative about Qatar. According to broadcaster correspondent Sarantis Michalopoulos, there were also searches of offices in the European Parliament on Thursday.

Kaili is one of six suspects arrested by Belgian authorities since Friday in the corruption scandal. Four of them were remanded in custody on Sunday, including 44-year-old Kaili herself, her boyfriend and former Italian Socialist MEP Antonio Panzeri. They are accused of involvement in a criminal organization, money laundering and corruption.

As the Italian media unanimously reported on Tuesday, Kaili’s friend spoke to the investigators for a long time after his arrest, and some newspapers even wrote of a “star witness”. There was no confirmation of this at first.

It is said that Qatar, which is currently hosting the soccer World Cup, tried to influence political decisions in the European Parliament with gifts of money and goods. The investigators meanwhile searched the houses and apartments of at least two MPs and the offices of several parliament employees. Qatar denies the allegations.

Kaili herself is also not aware of any guilt, as her lawyer Michalis Dimitrakopoulos clarified on Tuesday. “Her position is that she is innocent. It has nothing to do with money flows from Qatar, nothing at all.” Dimitrakopoulos said he was not allowed to comment on details and he also had no picture of whether money had been found and if so, how much. But then he wanted to straighten out one detail: Contrary to what was reported by the Greek media, no 160,000 euros were found under the cradle of Kaili’s little daughter. There is no such cradle.