Microfinance institutions (MFIs) are concerned about the appearance of unscrupulous brokers. They work as advertising agents providing services on the selection of loans and for the day can attract more than 1 thousand clients. The subscription price is usually published in a non-obvious place, as a result, that not expecting, losing every week hundreds of rubles. Thus to MFI applications often simply do not reach. About trying to get a loan they learn from customer complaints which often confused itself MFIs and the broker masquerading as well-known brands. To solve the problem should be together the Central Bank, the Roscomnadzor and the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS), according to lawyers.On the financial forums there are complaints of citizens on actions of the brokers on the selection of loans. For example, the portal even created a separate branch for assistance to such victims. The essence of the complaint one — borrower wanting to get money quickly, put in a search engine “loan, etc.” and got to the site and offered loans, and from different companies.The broker promised the selection of a loan, but asked to enter the card number (for example, to check its validity when transferring the loan). Sometimes more honest — just for the service selection, but in the end the money began to be charged regularly — at 300-350 rubles a week.Are suffering from such brokers are not only citizens, but also microfinance. “Now the industry has a seasonal demand for traffic, because in the summer the demand for loans is falling, and by the end of the pandemic, companies are starting to re-adjust the amounts to build up a portfolio,” says managing Director of “lime-Loan” Olesya Bobkova.”A monthly average of 8-9% of citizens relating to paid services of brokers in selection of loans. Moreover, among the applicants there are those people who the loan we have refused,— said General Director of IFC “Timer” Roman Makarov.— They mistakenly believe that the fee unduly charged by the lender, and their personal data become the object of trade — after registration services selection of loan citizens get a lot of spam.””In recent years, dramatically increased the activity of unfair participants of the market of lead generation. Making a profit with minimal investment, these companies increase the cost of attracting customers on the lead generation market, “acceleration”, which leads to changes in the real economy MFIs”,— says Irina horoshko, Director General of IDF Eurasia (brand Moneyman) in Russia. According to General Director GK “Funbridge” (“the Money Immediately”), Leonid Kornilov, to fight it hard enough, as formally such, the company did not break: a customer voluntarily submits their information and prepares a paid subscription.The financial services market will remain vulnerable to unscrupulous practices, which annually cause enormous rulb population and destabilisateur the country’s economy, says managing partner “of” Egor Redin. According to the lawyer of lawyer Bureau “A-PRO” Anton Vorobyev, such activities may constitute the violation of legislation on consumer rights protection and processing of personal data. “In 2018-2019, the Central Bank has proposed draft amendments to the legislation providing for and Roskomnadzor the authority of the operational restriction of access to sites and services that are found to be “phishing”, mimikriroval under financial organisation, building of financial pyramids,— it reminds.— The project never got to the consideration of Parliament, I think, identifying major violations can give the project a second life.”According to the Director of SRO “Mir” Elena Stratieva, the main problem here is misselling. “Due to the legal status of such companies, there is a regulatory inequality of financial service providers and companies that aggregate information about these services,— she said.— We collect and study the materials necessary for the formation of proposals to address regulatory arbitrage and improve consumer protection in financial services. In the near future we plan to provide appropriate data to regulators and agencies.” The Central Bank, “Kommersant” reported that while the Bank of Russia has received no complaints on this subject. “Moreover, implementing activities behavioral supervision, the Bank of Russia recommends supervised institutions responsible approach to the selection of counterparties, and to monitor their activities, in one way or another affect the interests of consumers”,— noted there. Roskomnadzor had not responded to the request to “Kommersant”.Ksenia Dementieva, Svetlana Samuseva