Appeal to all the citizens of Russia.

For each of us the most precious is life, health, the safety of parents and children. Now we feel it especially keenly, worried about their families, friends, strive to protect them from violent threats.

While it may seem and it seems that nothing terrible happens. Many do not see the threat, just not feeling it. Even in Moscow, where most cases – 48 thousand people, is only 0.4 percent of residents of the capital. But, first, it is a life, health of specific people, and a lot of them. And secondly, the danger of further and wide spread of the disease is not passed. It is still very large.

Among our family, colleagues, people we know, more and more of those who are directly affected by the disease, who discovered the infection, who was in the hospital with complications. Dear friends, deep condolences to all who suffered grief, who is going through an irreparable loss of loved ones.

you Know how hard it is: the bitterness of loss and the burden of fatigue, of anxiety, of uncertainty. This, of course, exhausting, mentally draining people. Accumulate physical, financial, domestic problems. And every one of us and I want to exhale and say, this is finally over, it’s over.

especially in the spring, warm, Sunny days have come, not only in the South of Russia, but also in the Urals, Siberia, the far East. A planned, where possible, to spend the may holidays at the dacha and garden plots.

And of course it needs to be done. But I ask you, dear friends, I ask you to exercise the utmost responsibility and caution, to refrain – how would this be desirable from a visit to neighbours, from the gatherings in large companies from unnecessary and non-essential travel. All of us cannot be undermined in the fight against coronavirus. May the coming days are crucial. It was to such a failure was not, we are extending the period non-working days, the restrictive measures in the regions to 11 may inclusive.

Observing the requirements of the security regime of self-isolation, we will celebrate our sacred holiday – Victory Day. In spite of everything, all together, the whole country will do that. This day, his spiritual power – forever in our hearts.

May 9, in the skies of Russia, in the parade, saluting the heroes, take a aircraft, modern combat aircraft and helicopters. And in the evening in city centres is bound to be a traditional fireworks.

We will remember our soldiers of the great Patriotic war, those who are no longer with us. And of course, congratulate our veterans. Even if you will not be able to hug them, will find the opportunity to tell them the kind words. Along with children, grandchildren look at old family photo albums, tell them that when they heard about the war, its events��the third from our parents, from grandparents, sing “Victory Day”, “Katyusha”, “the Dugout” – songs that we love and know by heart. And all that is planned in honor of the 75th anniversary of the great Victory will be held. We will have the parade on the red square, and a March “Immortal regiment”.

We shall celebrate the anniversary of the Victory, when we are sure the situation is completely safe. And above all, is doubly to our veterans.

Dear friends!

Perhaps the first time since the war, the entire world is going through such a difficult test. Of course, with the military impossible to compare them. And thank God! But we must clearly understand that today we are in a situation of struggle with the enemy. And its danger to life, health and well-being of people to downplay too. Because we see what dire consequences around the world bears the spread of the coronavirus, we do everything possible to stop him.

the Main impact hold, of course, our medical professionals. They risk their lives daily to save others, call upon us all to care, to meet the requirements of isolation. They present the medical front. Fighting for all of us. And their word has a special weight for understanding the extreme necessity of the restrictions that are imposed.

Yes, any restrictions, even if justified, but in violation of established course of life, of course, annoyed, even angered. But difficult to accept when this irritation translates into a disregard for others, narcissism, in a rant about the infringement of personal liberty, constitutional rights.

And in this respect I want to say again that is the basis of my decision.

the absolute value of a modern civilization is, of course, freedom. Freedom of every citizen. But every human life is unique, is an absolute value, given by grace. And we must defend it, for a person to be happy, loved, raised children, just lived.

Recall also the well-known formula: the freedom of each is limited by the freedom of others. In the fight against infection it is – this formula is more than appropriate. If someone prefers a different behavior, that is their sole, unfettered freedom raises above the interests and freedoms of others, but today it threatens their life. In this case, freedom turns into irresponsibility, selfishness, and in a sense, violence against others, can lead to considerable troubles.

And one more thing – the moral choice that faces us now. The world in General, and sometimes in Russia, the idea that the first thing to think about economic and material well-being. And this, of course, very important.

But what in this context is offered? It is proposed, in fact, go ahead, stepping over all and through all, anyone and anything not looking back in fact, it does not take into account the risks associated with epidemic and just as quickly as possible to abolish all restrictions. And if someone can get sick – say, let hurts, will be disabled or even die, then that is his fate. In short, it is proposed the law of natural selection, where each is for himself.

From the history of world literature we know that in primitive times the elderly, sick children, feeble people just throwing for the sake of the survival of the whole tribe. Perhaps then it was not simple other exit. But we live in the XXI century. And frankly: those who are now proposing to sacrifice human beings, leave them in the lurch, essentially calling for a return to savagery and barbarism.

it is said that in Ancient Sparta, the sick, the crippled children were thrown from the cliff Taygetos. However, today historians, archaeologists believe that this is only a legend, a myth. But we know that the society of Sparta was really built for hard formations. However, it did not help. And ultimately it lost its statehood. As they say, history is instructive.

Let us remember and very short, only a few pages, but poignant, touching to tears the story of Jack London “Law of life”. It is talking about what the tribe had abandoned their old, become a burden. The children were given some food and left, leaving parents at the mercy of the beasts, leaving them to die. And the old man dad, left alone at the fire, believed and hoped that the sons will come for him. You can even for a moment to imagine what you can do with our parents, our grandparents, as in this story? I do not believe it. It’s not our genetic code.

Because we learned from our ancestors is absolutely different. With the values of mutual reciprocity, solidarity Russia lives a thousand years. And today they are the backbone of our state. We got them together with the Orthodox Church. These values underlie and other religions of the peoples of Russia – Islam, Buddhism, Judaism. Philosophy of love helped us to survive for centuries. And today, our responsibility determines the fate of others, the fate of other people.

let me repeat: for us now it’s about the people, their lives. A different choice for our people is unacceptable. Know so think, behave honestly most of you.

Save and save the people. And everything else will follow. We all must fix that and catch up, overcome the coronavirus and with a calm heart, all together improving the economy, strengthen welfare will surely support those who lost jobs, wealth, whom it is not easy, shoulder substitute affected businesses, help them keep jobs, get back on their feet. Such support measures from the state will be continually updated and advanced��Ratsa.

now each of our, even small, but still real success, especially each life saved strengthens our hope and confidence in the victory over the epidemic.

We force her to retreat. Life will definitely improve. It is in our power to make it happen as soon as possible so we will not only overcome the current trials and tribulations, but also created conditions for future development.