Sandor Varga: the

Recall that in the summer of 2019 Chalov almost moved to Albion. At the very end of the transfer window “crystal Palace” offered 25 million pounds, but CSKA refused.

How do you see the ideal plan for the future Chalova?

Sandor Varga: Chalov – well done. At this age to get an offer from the club “crystal Palace” of the English Premier League in the amount of 25 million pounds, to attract the attention of one of the best coaches in the world – a sign of quality. With regard to planning or thinking about the future, in football, impossible to control it.

Photo: Mikhail Sinitsyn/ RG the RFU has suspended football until may 31,

But I am glad that in Russia there are talented guys. And they, I am sure, will aspire to go to Europe. Of course, there will be those who will want to go to China or Saudi Arabia to earn more money. In General, however, the Russians will focus on top 5 European leagues.

last Summer, Yevgeny Giner said that in his view Chalova is too early in Europe. Is that so?

Sandor Varga: Slightly disagree with Giner. I’m friends with him for 30 years and have great respect for what he has done for the Russian football. If all your clubs were the leaders, as Giner – football in Russia would have developed faster. Now, returning to the Chalova. I know very well Roy Hodgson. And I can say – Chalova would favor to work with such a professional.

the Football club “Wings of Soviets” can be eliminated

Hodgson coached the England, inter, Liverpool. He led to the Europa League final Fulham. Yes, “crystal Palace” is not “Arsenal” or “Manchester City”. But Fedor would have made a big step forward. While we respect the position of CSKA. The army did not want to let go of his leading striker. This shows that Giner thinks about sports success, not financial.

Let’s objectively: in the “crystal Palace” in our attacking play Wilfried Zaha, Jordan ayew, left, sits ex-striker of Liverpool, Christian Benteke. Sure Chalov would be in the starting lineup of this team?

Sandor Varga: do you think the “crystal Palace” would pay 25 million pounds for the player to put him on the bench? No, of course. Transfer Chalova would be a record in the history of the club. That says a lot.

Interest to Hodgson Chalova preserved?

Photo: Anton novoderezhkin/TASS “Spartak” has agreed to a pay cut for the duration of the pandemic

Sandor Varga: Course.

And does not bother him a clear decline in the game Fedora?

Sandor Varga: We are periodically communicate with Roy. Chalov scored 29 goals or ten – it figures. But if a big club is interested in you, then looks not only at the statistics. Maybe the player has scored this season is smaller, but brings the team more good. It needs an integrated approach. Especially if you’re willing to pay the player big money, as is the case with Fedor.

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