Gent, Sandra Couck (41), the moment you have with her had ten children, and in their cozy home in the Bank. The ages of the children are from 3 up to 19 years old, and some are independent and others have a little bit of more attention. Because they have so much to be, to keep the children together, or working on it, but the messages and the tv can be a challenge. “We’re a few weeks into a small space, but we have to make the best of it,” said Sandra.

by Sandra spent the last twenty years, with ten of the kids in this world: Vanessa (19), Zara (17), Thomas (15), And Maïte (13) July (12), Anne-Sophie (11), Ella (9), Spring (7), Finn (5) and Noah (3). When I call, hidden, they’re in the laundry room, to really find out her story and to be able to do it. “Most of the questions, or I didn’t go crazy has become me. At the checkout counter of the supermarket and ask them out that. But I have to say, that we extend our plan. The two younger children, I would be now and to the end of the wall, can paste it, but other than that, just a few short moments, everyone is very, very good. I have absolutely no reason to complain.”

With so many children, it is easy enough for people to have a child’s birthday party.

Sandra Couck

from Sandra, it was good when she had her first child, was present. She was used to it from home, to be with her children. “For me, that’s nothing new, except for the school work that I was intense to lead. In the past it was twenty minutes after school, and now I’ve got a couple of hours a day working on it. This makes me less likely to add on to my other tasks, such as washing the dishes, but so be it. We are searching for the right rhythm, but it is a schedule we have. We are at our own pace, eat together, and I do the grocery shopping. We can wash dishes, cook, play… and We take it as it comes, but the structure is there to do so.”