According to him, Russia will “- to act pragmatically when necessary to respond to aggressive attacks, but to do it accurately without drifting into confrontation”. The diplomat stressed that Moscow is open to cooperation with Washington on a wide range of issues, if the U.S. side will demonstrate a “willingness to do business on constructive and mutually respectful basis.” However, he drew attention that Russia is realistic about the prospects of cooperation with the United States and raises the bar of expectations, especially ahead of presidential elections.

“Although the United States now found themselves at the epicenter of the pandemic, there are many politicians who even do not think about how to help its own citizens, and what to accuse Russia, which would have sanctions against us to invent,” – said Ryabkov. According to him, “this echoes the thinking during the cold war and the consequence of the current political struggle and election campaign”. “We already used that the relations between our countries become hostage to the internal us squabbles. As you approach the next presidential election in the U.S., their date is November 3, one cannot rule out new outbreaks such anti-Russian manifestations,” – said the Deputy Minister.

the Diplomat also drew attention to the growing tension between the US and China. Washington has increased the pressure on Beijing “around the circle”, there is no current issues on the international agenda, where within the concept of rivalry between the two powers, the Americans would add an element of political and psychological pressure. According to Ryabkov, after the end of the pandemic, the situation will not change.

But the ousting of the Russian theme of the Chinese is not going to happen. “It would be naive to expect that the US will switch from Russia to China and the USA politicians give up trying, that is, demonizing us, fascinated by others,” said Deputy foreign Minister of the Russian Federation. “We’ll see, unfortunately, very complex from the standpoint of Russian-American and American-Chinese relations atmosphere throughout the period which will precede the elections scheduled for November,” Ryabkov predicted. “Anti-Russian consensus between the Republican and democratic parties in the last 5-6 years, in fact, immutable, let’s call a spade a spade,” – said the diplomat.

According to him, the U.S. mistake in the calculations, if you want to use the pandemic coronavirus in order to undermine the position of Russia and China in the international arena. “We do not intend to oppose its engagement with China to anyone and anything, but we find in this dialogue an essential resource to strengthen their own positions and security in a variety of its dimensions,” – said Ryabkov.