At a Friday memorial service for late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, her personal trainer dropped to the floor and decided to do a few push-ups next to her casket in a tribute to the deceased judge.

Bryant Johnson, who was Ginsburg’s personal trainer, turned heads on Friday when video showed him at the late judge’s memorial service on Capitol Hill doing push-ups, presumably in a way to honor Ginsburg.

Johnson walked up to the flag-draped casket and then moved off to the side and did a set of three push-ups before jumping back up and walking away.

Push ups for RBG

Though 87 when she passed, Ginsburg was known for being active and often posted images of herself at the gym. Johnson even published a book in 2017 on his work with Ginsburg titled, ‘The RBG Workout: How She Stays Strong… and You Can Too!’

The bizarre moment led to some confusion on social media before the individual was identified as Ginsburg’s personal trainer.

Could someone tell me what push ups in front of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s casket was all about? Why?

The U.S. gets more and more bizarre every single day

Once Johnson’s identity was revealed, many called the moment “moving,” albeit odd. 

“This has to be the first time anyone’s ever done pushups as someone lies in state at the US Capitol and it’s never been more fitting,” CNN’s Omar Jiminez tweeted. 

“RBG’s trainer doing push ups in front of her casket to say farewell is the best!” pundit Kate Hyde wrote.

Moving moment: #RBG’s trainer Bryant Johnson does push ups by her casket at Capitol.They lifted weights, did push ups & planks together:

From my point of view, it’s very strange to do push-ups in front of a Supreme Court Justice’s casket as it lies in state live on national television. But clearly it’s normal — and even admirable?? — to do. Therefore, the only conclusion is that I am an insane freak. 👍

RBG’s personal trainer does push ups in honour of his kween – is an Onion headline yet to be written

Johnson has also trained with other Supreme Court judges like Stephen Breyer, 82, and Elena Kagan, 60. 

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