Experimental units in the pilot of the Russian gas turbines cost of energy is twice as expensive as previously thought. The government has increased the unit cost of projects by up to 70 thousand rubles. per 1 kW. Until September it is planned to play a quota of 2 GW in years 2026-2028. While the load on the wholesale energy market, according to analysts ‘ estimates, will amount to 450 billion rubles, the Government issued a government resolution defining rules of selection of investment projects on construction of power units using an experimental gas turbines. The total volume of quotas, as planned, will be 2 GW in years 2026-2028. The maximum CAPEX of these projects is set at 70 thousand rubles. per 1 kW. Earlier, the Ministry proposed to limit the upper ceiling of specific capital costs 36 thousand rubles. per 1 kW.Potential participants of competition can become the German Siemens and the us GE, which have plans for further localization technologies in the Russian Federation together with “Gazprom energoholding and inter RAO”. Russian turbine without a foreign partner want to make “Power machines” Alexey Mordashov and the consortium, the United engine Corporation (UEC) “Rostec” with “inter RAO” and “Rosnano” model GTD-110M.According to the decree, in 2026 and 2027 years will be exposed for 560 MW of capacity in the first price zone (European part of Russia and Ural), at 2028-th — 470 MW. In the second pricing zone (Siberia) for 140 MW in 2026-2027 year and another 130 MW in 2028. A single selection of projects will be held until September 1, along with a selection of projects of modernization of old thermal power plant to be commissioned in 2026.The total investment in the construction of 2 GW of new power units at the experimental turbines based on new levels of CAPEX will amount to 140 billion rubles, and the load on the wholesale market of 450 billion rubles for 15 years, considered Vladimir Sklyar from “VTB Capital”. In his opinion, the new level of installed marginal cost is “quite market”. “The world has a station on the PSU, which cost 10-15% less than the established level,” notes the analyst.Pauline Smertin