Russian scientists have created a visor to protect doctors from coronavirus

MOSCOW, 14 APR – RIA Novosti. Engineers digital laboratory FabLab National research technological University “MISIS” has begun production spezzare to protect physicians from the coronavirus, said to RIA Novosti in the press service of the University.

currently, organized production visors for physicians Moscow hospitals.

the Created outfit consists of a transparent sheet and a plastic frame attached to the head using a conventional gum. The plastic from which the shield is resistant to antiseptic solutions and allows to treat the products after every shift. The frame is printed on a 3D printer out of PLA plastic. As the model is used for printing the version developed by the Czech company PRUSA.

“Even when using nozzles of a large diameter and frankly extreme modes of the printer, a print frame for one panel takes over an hour. Another disadvantage printed on a 3D printer the product is its limited ability to further disinfection. So, for example, of printed polylactide part will warp upon prolonged heating above 70°C. to overcome these bottlenecks, we develop alternative methods of production has adapted the open-source model panel, developed in Milwakee and Makerspace in the next few days will establish the release of about 1,000 shields in a week”, – said the head of the FabLab nust “MISIS” Vladimir Kuznetsov, was quoted by the press service.

the Project was actively supported by the makers from different regions of Russia, from Siberia and TRANS-Baikal to Moscow. Quickly was created a working telegram-channel “Makers vs COVID” (@help3d_covid19), where at the moment was already about 2 thousand participants – doctors and makers volunteers. Online makers is the “terms of reference”, together corrected form of products and modes of operation on the machines.

“the project coordinators and General registry, requesting the volume of products and contact details of the team makers. Our task – operative production, and the allocation and distribution of masks takes place with the help of the logistics of the project,” – said Kuznetsov.

According to doctors, making remedy has already proven itself in “combat” conditions infectious units of Russian hospitals. First, the mask does not allow to accidentally touch your face while working, and secondly, protects the eyes, nose and mouth from getting the virus aerosol. An important characteristic of products is the possibility of its reuse after disinfection, in a situation of shortage of protective equipment is especially important.