Russian Internet companies, media holdings and telecom operators have signed the charter for the safety of children on the Internet. The Charter provides for restricting access to harmful and illegal content for minors. The signing ceremony took place on Wednesday at the MMP “Russia Today”, it was watched by Russian President Vladimir Putin via video link from Vladivostok.The document was signed:The Charter creates an Alliance for the Protection of Children in the Digital Environment. Its participants have made a number of voluntary commitments. Anton Shingarev, President of Corporate Relations at Yandex, became the Chairman of the alliance.What obligations did the signatories undertake:”We feel our responsibility to make the digital environment convenient for children, so that they can learn, communicate and develop,” Mr. Shingarev said at the ceremony (quoted by RIA Novosti). Evgeny Kaspersky, CEO of Kaspersky Lab, noted that the business already has the technological capabilities for this. According to him, technologies for protecting children “from the malignity and poisonous berries on the Internet” have been developed and provided to many regions of Russia.Earlier, the signing of the charter was announced by Vedomosti, citing sources. The interlocutors of the publication said that the author of the idea was a representative of Kaspersky Lab. He proposed it in May at a meeting of the first deputy head of the AP Sergey Kiriyenko with IT companies. Mr. Kiriyenko supported the idea. The Charter, in fact, creates self-regulatory mechanisms that will shift the control function from the state to market participants.In mid-August, the Government for the first time set targets for the protection of children from prohibited information on the Internet and on television. The draft resolution emphasizes that the number of persons violating the requirements should strive “for a slight error”. But still, the figures are given: the share of” repeat offenders ” should not exceed 13% in 2023 and 7% in 2026.Details — in the material “Kommersant” “Children’s traffic will be protected according to the schedule”.