Assembly of BMW cars at the Kaliningrad plant “Avtotor” will be suspended from mid-June until approximately the beginning of July due to problems with the supply of components. The companies do not specify which components in question, but according to sources, “b”, it sets. Explain the problem stops production of the German brand in Europe and the United States on the background of the pandemic coronavirus. Analysts note: after the resumption of production at plants around the world still because of the health requirements are not working at full capacity, which can lead to such problems.From mid-June production of BMW at the factory “Autotor” in Kaliningrad is suspended, said the General Director of JSC “Avtotor” Ruslan Sadykov. Given the spot in the spring of 2020 BMW production plants in Europe and the USA in the logistics supply chain of automotive components was formed the time gap, he explained. To resume operation of the conveyor and to enter the normal mode of production is planned in early July.This is not a momentary decision, I emphasize the automobile: this scenario was provided, and developed “measures aimed at minimizing the negative consequences of this situation”. To ensure part-time staff during the period of suspension of production will be carried out corrective and preventive actions for maintenance of equipment.That the problem of shortage of components will be completely solved by mid—late July, said in an interview with RBC head of BMW Group Russia Stefan Teuchert. He noted that today the capacity of the Kaliningrad plant, which produced BMW, loaded at 70%: “We comply with all necessary requirements of safety and reduced the number of shifts from three to two.” “Avtotor” and the BMW is not talking about what components there is a speech. Vladimir Bespalov from “VTB Capital” notes that the need for suspension of production could occur when the lack of any small detail, that is, speech not necessarily goes about the sets. However, Kommersant’s source familiar with the situation says that it is still on sets.Despite the massive run of industries around the world, many of them continue to work at full capacity, including for implementation of sanitary requirements, and in the distribution of components in certain markets may experience a shortage of them, said Vladimir Bespalov. At the same time, the planning process all players are built differently, so it is not necessary that this will repeat in other industries. There is a problem with interruptions in supply arising due to downtime of plants and non-synchronous restart their suppliers in other countries, says the source “b”.In January-March, sales of BMW cars in Russia grew by 12% to 10.9 thousand machines. The group only publishes quarterly the results of the implementation. The market of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles in recent months amid quarantine declined at a record pace: in 72,4% in April and 51.8% in may. After the introduction of restrictions on the background of the coronavirus at the end of March, in may, the dealers started to get back to work in the regions, including in Moscow.The production of “Avtotor” from-for quarantine measures was suspended only for two weeks — from March 30 to April 13. In addition to the German brand the company produced cars Kia, Hyundai, commercial vehicles Hyundai, Ford Cargo. The representative of “Avtotor” told “Kommersant” that problems with the supply of components of these brands against the background of reducing the release of no.Olga Nikitenok Russian producers anxious to criticical next