Russia and Belarus join forces to fight coronavirus

According to the Russian Ambassador in Belarus Dmitry Mezentsev, the head of the Russian government Mikhail Mishustin and head of the coordination Council for combating coronavirus Tatyana Golikova, it was decided to support the appeal of the Ministry of health of Belarus on the allocation of diagnostic materials which provide 10 of thousands of studies.

– This diagnostic material will help to establish which of the citizens of Belarus are healthy who need medical assistance. This is another good sign of special favor and the established practice of relations between the fraternal countries.

to deliver valuable cargo in Belarus in safely, it was necessary to ensure a constant temperature of minus 20 degrees. It was originally planned to take diagnostic material for research on the diplomatic bus, surrounded by ice. But at the meeting, Dmitry Mezentsev, General Director of group of companies “Santa” Alexander Moshensky there is a more convenient option, the correspondent of “Union” in the company:

– Alexander Moshensky has offered assistance in shipping, since Russia supplies products of the company are carried out smoothly and return loads can make in its transport. Every car company has special sensors that allows to monitor temperature during the transportation of the finished products along the way. The temperature range can be set from minus 29 to plus 27 degrees.

Distance of 750 kilometres refrigerator with diagnostic material covered for the day.

According to the Belarusian Ministry of health, every day in the country is about a thousand tests for the coronavirus. It means delivered from Moscow diagnostic material will last about 10 days.

In the same days Russia has helped Belarus and with the arrival of its citizens home, taking on the cost of flights from Delhi to Board the aircraft “Belavia”. A special flight with evacuees from India 105 citizens of Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and TajikistAna landed in the National airport Minsk during the night of 6 April.

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because of the situation with the coronavirus to people, planning to relax, had to quickly return home. Some flights were canceled. Many Belarusians are unable to use the services of Russian carriers – sometimes there were not enough places, sometimes due to force majeure. According to Dmitry Mezentsev, the output had to look for joint efforts.

– Discussing the situation with the leadership of the foreign Ministry of Belarus and the Belavia, we have proposed that the Russian side, in an effort to support the citizens of the fraternal countries, will find the funds and pay for flights on the route Minsk – Delhi – Minsk – said Russian Ambassador to Belarus.

In turn, the Belarusian airline took on Board about 40 citizens of Russia. Some were in India back in February. People expected that before the closure will not come and they will have time to come back. According to Alina Chamomile from St. Petersburg, the flight of “Aeroflot”, which she planned to fly on March 30, was canceled. She was unable to fly and evacuation flight on April 1. Before the Russians took the plane “Belavia”, the lady at the hotel was waiting for any opportunity to leave. In the National airport Minsk Alina as other Russians were in a hurry to go to Moscow. In the Russian capital and its countrymen are waiting for the quarantine, and then they can return home.

“gratitude to Belarus for what we took,” thanked Alina, on behalf of all the returning flight of the Belarusian airline of the Russians.


Belarus expects Russia to supply 30 thousand paid test systems for the detection of coronavirus. This was stated to journalists by Vice-Premier Belaroussi Igor Petrishenko: “We have developed and manufactured test systems 700 a day and plan to increase. We have our own production. And our health care system fully into the folding environment provided by these test systems. We announced the tender, the Russian company won the tender for the supply for a fee of 30 thousand tests. We expect that contractual commitments are met, and we get these tests until April 17. At least, that the Ministry of health and our respective companies have agreed with the Russian manufacturer”.