In the hangar of a private enterprise completed with a thin finishing. And at the end of winter was only an idea that captured two companions. While the country was immersed in the story coronavirus, the two plunged into the drawings and calculations. Sergei Mishchenko behind fifteen years of experience building boats of different classes from fiberglass, but for this project it was necessary to involve engineers, who helped to do the calculations is atypical of the project.

– the Idea came quite spontaneously. Sat, discussed, and be able to do? Thought can. We didn’t set a goal to make an exact copy of a specific Greek ship or you to follow the ancient technology, – says Sergey Mishchenko. – Our “Tavrida” is a replica, their own vision of the ancient ship. We have retained the basic parameters of the classical Greek rowing galley, but used modern materials. Because of this the ship was quite easy and durable. I think the Greeks would have understood if they had the capabilities of modern humans.

the Frames from the “Tavrida” (this name was given to the ship) wood treated with agents against decay, fungus and other troubles that can accompany natural materials, especially in close contact with sea water. And boards made of fiberglass with the use of composite materials. Their lifespan is 20 years or more. The captain will perform so that from the side it will resemble a Greek chariot. And look now attracts the nose of the ship, decorated with the head of the legendary horse.

– we have taken It from the movie “Troy”, – says Sergey Troitsky. – But he’s not marking that is usually associated with a Trojan horse. It is rather a symbol of energy. We are engine power still measure in horsepower.

Constructors are provided in the vehicle a few powerful modern engines. Is that in any situation it was possible to reach the shore. But the main driving force of the ship should be the oarsmen, as the Greek galleys. Along the sides will be 15 pairs of oars. Given that it’s not a small boat, and nearly 20-meter-long ship, a paddle provides up to three rowers. Generally with paddles had to Tinker. They were manufactured in Kirov because the closer was not a single enterprise, are able to execute this order. A transport company in the path of the lost oarlocks. But, ultimately, nothing happened.

Ahead of the launch, – says Sergey Mishchenko. That the rower was enough leverage to swing such a massive paddle inside the case it should go to 1.3 meters. With both sides already get 2.6 meters. Paddles take quite a lot of interior space. Perhaps the first sea rowers have to stand. And then we’ll seat pick up when we understand as it is practicalher to do. Because there must be a place for a relief crew of rowers and passengers.

interest in the project has already shown professional athletes from the rowing Federation and fans of power sports. But two captains – Sergei Trinity and Sergey Mischenko – primarily counting on attracting the attention of tourists. To try yourself as a Greek rowers of the galleys will be able to attend.

– I Think that 15 minutes the load will sustain every person – suggests Sergei Troitsky. – And there, look. Everything will be on a voluntary basis.

Entrepreneurs have not yet fully decided in what capacity will use their vehicle, but it has to do with the tourism industry. It all depends on the results of a navigation test. Perhaps after that the ship will carry tourists and will become a new attractive brand of Walleye may be a restaurant on the water. But you are already dreaming about sailing around the whole of the Crimea. The launching is scheduled for June 20, and it will be another serious test. Assembly shop of entrepreneurs in the Bay of Kapsel under the perch is located about a kilometer from the sea. Transporting the galley to the water on narrow, winding roads will not be so simple.

– most Likely will have to hire a crane and very carefully to take her, – says Sergey Troitsky.

work on the “Tavrida” is nearing completion. Next to it emblazoned another ship, more like the outlines of the pirate sloop. Its construction began a month earlier than the “Tauris”, and also finish, but his own name he has not yet received. Entrepreneurs looking for the name of the Crimean history will probably “Scarlet sails” captain gray, but that’s not accurate. Work on the two ships was a real creative challenge for the two captains.

the Construction of modern boats made of fiberglass is a matrix of production. There are a few basic elements that come together and they are different handmade decorations. This boat can be done in five weeks. And here are all individually, all handmade, no patterns. Many decisions had to be made intuitively, because even professional engineers were not able to give answers to our questions. Therefore, the project took four months, – says Sergey Mishchenko. – Sometimes, in the night jump up and run to the kitchen to write down some thought while she’s in the head. Because of this creative project, we have experienced self-imposed isolation.

work on the “Tavrida” in fact, was not only fascinating but also quite risky for the business. If standard boats all repeatedly tested and run-in, it is still unclear how Galera behaves on the water, which will have the performance. But ��Amy main risk associated even with the very ship, and with finances. To build a ship, Sergey Troitsky the security of a private apartment, took the credit. It cost 7.5 million rubles. Specially under the project has expanded the staff, now the company employs 14 people. And if the season does not take place, if no tourists come?

And yet, entrepreneurs never regret that took up this risky project. Innovative solutions inspired them to new, more interesting ideas. One of them is connected with the ship “Nautilus” from the novel by Jules Verne.

– This should be a semi-submersible vessel with large portholes so that passengers have good visibility, they were able to observe the marine life. And the upper part should be made in the form of fantastic fish, – shares Sergey Mishchenko. – You know, my biggest dream is to build funky, cool ship and get it through the Bosporus, the Turks saw, gasped and was jealous.

Over the past 20 years a small shipbuilding industry in GRP was moving in Russia by leaps and bounds. But the standard solutions is no surprise, and tourists expect from a resort such bright and unforgettable impressions.


Galera “Tavrida” has a length of 18.5 meters, a width of four meters. Length of oars five meters long, each weighs about 20 pounds. The approximate displacement of the vessel is 15 tonnes.