Two completely harmless rats live at the boy’s house. They are so friendly that many people now turn them on. And on that day… While the older sister cleaned the cage, the animals frolicked in the sofa cushions. The child decided to look at them. At this time, one of the rats jumped up sharply and poked a sharp nose into the child’s eye. Doctors diagnosed a penetrating wound of the eye with corneal damage and iris prolapse. The head of the ophthalmology department, Irina Shangicheva, performed an operation on a young patient. Now his vision is out of danger.

– Recently, we often receive both adults and children who have suffered eye injuries during games with pets. Even if cats, dogs, decorative rats are not aggressive and affectionate at all, sometimes one careless movement during fun with them can cause great harm. If an eye is injured, you should immediately seek medical help, – Irina Shangicheva stressed.

It is noteworthy that a four-year-old girl was admitted to the same department the day before. Ophthalmologists removed a piece of metal shavings from her eye. The family of the little patient was very surprised and began to wonder how she got there. It turned out that the girl was playing with a fluffy domestic cat, who often likes to visit neighbors where repairs are being carried out. They were sawing something on metal with a hacksaw. It turns out that the cat brought barely noticeable metal particles home on its fur, and one of them got into the child’s eye during the game.