Rostec will finish the unification of their pension assets in the next year. After the consolidation the same name NPF and Fund Rostvertol Corporation will be engaged in the accession Fund “the First industrial Alliance”. The objective of the joint Fund is to collect over half a million customers by 2025, and to enter the top ten largest pension funds. This can be done if the Corporation can offer their employees a corporate program based on the principles of co-financing, experts say.NPF rostec (formerly NPF AutoVAZ) at the end of June graduated from the accession Fund “Rostvertol” (both funds are 100% owned by the Corporation). The following year, the joint Fund plans to Annex NPF “the First industrial Alliance” (PAP), stated in the Corporation. 82,7% of this Fund belongs to KAMAZ (47.1% are owned by GK “rostec”), remaining shares are distributed among more than 100 legal entities. “In the next five months the shares of minority shareholders of PPA are consolidated on “Assistance” through the purchase or donation,” explained Kommersant’s source close to state Corporation.”The first industrial Alliance” — the largest NPF, which must be included in a pooled Fund. At the end of may 2020 years the size of pension reserves, the PAP was 5.8 billion rubles of pension savings — RUB 2.1 billion Number of insured persons, forming the Foundation pension under the mandatory pension insurance (OPS), amounted to 31.8 thousand people, the number of participants in private pension provision (NGOs) — about 45.5 thousand citizens. The NPF rostec has formed a pension NGO 57.1 thousand people, according to OPS — 7.9 million insured persons. Pension Fund reserves amounted to 1.5 billion rubles, and pension savings — RUB 1.1 billion In the Fund Rostvertol was 10.9 thousand participants and 9.1 thousand people kept retirement savings at OPS. Pension reserves of the Fund amounted to 1.6 billion rubles, and pension savings — RUB 0.9 billion On the consolidation of pension assets, and rostec have thought three years ago (see “Kommersant” on September 1, 2017). The active phase of the accession Fund Rostvertol NPF to rostec has entered in the past year. Then it was promulgated plans of accession to Fund “the First industrial Alliance”. “The objective of the NPF “rostec” is the formation mechanism and conditions of pension provision that provides each employee the opportunity of the civil pension (combined state and corporate) in the amount of 40% of the lost earnings of the employee,” says HR Director of state Corporation “rostec” Yulia Tsvetkov. According to her, plans for a single Fund to cover a minimum of 544 thousand group employees by 2025. Sales of pension Fund products will do the former General Director NPF “Future” Maria Kalinkina, a source told “Kommersant” on pension market. Fund “Assistance” �� his message, expressed the hope “to enter the top ten largest pension funds”. However, while growth in the number of participants is not noticeable. Two and a half years the number of citizens formed a voluntary retirement program in the NPF rostec declined by almost 13%, NPF “Rostvertol” — 2%. A rise of 3% was observed only in the PPA.The tasks are quite doable, but will require significant investment. “In five years, increase base to half a million people — an absolutely realistic task, as the experience of large corporations NPF”,— says CEO of consulting company “Pension partner” Sergey Kolesnov. However, according to him, the implementation of such ambitious plans need to understand that the employer should be actively involved in the corporate program: at least to co-Finance it or to make all contributions for the employee. “Otherwise it may remain only on paper, getting no response from workers, whose income over several years, in real terms, are falling,” he says.Ilya Usov