Igor Sechin( pictured on the left) and Nicolas Maduro, 28 Jul 2016 Rosneft announces the termination of its activities in Venezuela and the sale of assets related to activities in this country
Photo: Anastasia Zotova / Moscow-Live.ru Igor Sechin( pictured on the left) and Nicolas Maduro, July 28, 2016
Photo: nicolasmaduro.org.ve

“Rosneft” announces the termination of its activities in Venezuela and the sale of assets related to activities in this country.

As stated in the document, “Rosneft” signed an agreement with c company, 100% owned by the Government of the Russian Federation, the sale shares and the termination of its participation in all projects in Venezuela, including shares in mining companies Petromonagas, Petroperija, Boqueron, Petromiranda and Petrovictoria, to oilfield services companies and trade.”In a press-service of the Cabinet of Ministers confirmed the RIA “Novosti” that the Russian government bought from Rosneft assets in Venezuela.

according to the newspaper “Vedomosti”, “the only government company that fits the description from the message of “Rosneft” (on 100% belongs to the government and can pay for the deal with shares of “Rosneft”) is “Rosneftegaz”. Now “Rosneftegaz” owns 50% plus one share of Rosneft, another 19.75% stake from British BP, was 18.93% of Qatari Oil QH Investments LLC, one share of the Federal property management Agency. The remaining shares are in free float”.

the United States has long exert pressure on Russia to cease all business operations Moscow to Venezuela and support the regime of Nicolas Maduro.The decision of “Rosneft”, is an attempt of the Kremlin to protect Rosneft from a new round of us sanctions, without giving up support for the regime, Maduro, noted, “Voice of America”.

Sale of assets can protect Rosneft from possible sanctions by transferring control over the Venezuelan operations of some state enterprises, which unlike Rosneft is not responsible to private investors.

the US Authorities will not be informed in advance about their future actions in respect of subsidiaries of Rosneft after selling its assets in Venezuela. This was stated on Saturday by TASS in the press service of the U.S. Department of state.

Rosneft announced the work stoppage in Venezuela and the sale of assets to the state.
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— Khodorkovsky Mikhail (@mich261213) March 28, 2020

Rosneft gave in Venezuela all the assets just. But even for them, and the plant in India processing heavy Venezuelan oil (us $ 2 billion was bought for 11-12 with unnecessary chain of gas stations to boot). The total losses of state-owned companies about 30 billion dollars. This is a serious defeat.

— Maxim Shevchenko (@Shevchenkomax) March 29, 2020, the Press Secretary of “Rosneft” Mikhail Leontyev said that the company took this decision based on the interests of its shareholders. “Rosneft” in this regard, expects the lifting of US sanctions over its subsidiaries.

“We are not announced in advanceuest of the actions that we take in connection with the sanctions, but we will explore ways of supporting the democratic aspirations of the Venezuelan people,” – said the American foreign Ministry, answering the question about the possibility of lifting the sanctions against subsidiaries of “Rosneft” and the risk that restrictions may be imposed on owned by the government of the Russian Federation, the company purchased these shares.

“We are constantly studying the relevant activity and the feasibility of future actions in the framework of the sanctions on Venezuela,” said the us state Department.

February 18, the U.S. administration announced sanctions against Rosneft Trading S. A. and its President Didier Casimiro in connection with the sale of oil from Venezuela. 12 March the US announced that it imposed sanctions against subsidiaries of “Rosneft” TNK Trading International SA.