since the meeting, the President reminded that Russia is taking energetic steps of the digitization of the economy and “life in General”. “In this regard, of course, particularly relevant is the issue of personal data protection, he stressed. – I would ask you to start with this”.

Putin has reminded that the law provides nine components of administrative offences in this sphere. “As your Agency builds work in this direction?” he asked Lipova.

In the processing of personal data of Russians arises a sufficiently large amount of problems, said the head of Roskomnadzor. “A lot of complaints. Over the past year growth of 20 percent, 43 thousand complaints were received from citizens”, – reported the head of Department.

the Head of state asked about the proportion of traders who work with data of the Russians.

“It’s mostly private companies. We have, according to our estimates, nearly five million about the so called handlers of personal data, said Lipow. Is a sufficiently large number of terms necessary supervision over them.”

According to him, the problems in this area are associated primarily with legislative gaps, and the Agency has a number of suggestions which could improve the situation – it’s time to increase the penalties for violators.

“we Have the largest fine of 75 thousand rubles for the leakage of personal data, rather, for their unauthorized use,” continued Lipow.

According to the official, such sanctions commensurate with the benefits received by offenders. “And to the detriment of citizens”, – said Putin. His interlocutor confirmed, and called another “gap” – the period of limitation in such cases is very small. “We would like to increase it, to offer up to a year, because sometimes things just don’t have time to be considered in court”, – stressed the head of Roskomnadzor.

Following the direction of the changes of legislation in the sphere of authority of the controlling Agency. Roskomnadzor, according to its leader, has no legal possibility to verify the entire chain, which sends data of citizens. “Very often we see when checking that they are transmitted for processing to the next processor and so on… explained Lipow. – Here, too, I would like to improve the situation.”

the Department also be given the authority to check how legitimate the personal data being processed on it too, should be considered together with the legislators, he said.