The Rio de Janeiro City Hall has officially kicked off the Bairro Maravilha program in 12 streets of the 29 de Março community, located in Cosmos, West Zone. The streets underwent a revitalization process that included the installation of drainage and basic sanitation systems, as well as receiving new paving and pavement. Additionally, the local square was renovated, adding new playground equipment for children and an Elderly Gym for the seniors.

“It is a great pleasure to deliver this work to you. We will continue to make improvements in the West Zone. This work is our mission. We will continue to work with dedication to provide a better quality of life for everyone,” said Mayor Eduardo Paes, accompanied by the Infrastructure Secretary, Jessick Trairi, and the West Zone sub-mayor, Diogo Borba.

In addition to the 12 completed streets, work is ongoing on three other streets: Ruas da Paz, São Sebastião, and G, totaling 15 streets benefiting from the program in the region. Over 10,100 square meters of public area are being recovered. The works are under the responsibility of the Municipal Infrastructure Department, with a total investment of R$ 7.1 million.

“One of the great benefits brought by these works was the asphalt. Before, it was terrible, full of mud. This caused problems in my house and prevented me from going to work, as I always had to solve some issue. Now everything is fine. This street, when it was dirt, was impassable. The problems of streets without sanitation, with open sewage in front of my house, are over,” said Paulo Henrique Cortes, a resident of the community for seven years and a construction worker.

Simultaneously, work on the Bairro Maravilha program has started on Estrada do Quafá, at number 245, in Bangu. In this location, the main road and six other streets in the region will be recovered, with the implementation of new urban infrastructure. The services include the installation of drainage for rainwater, sewage and drinking water network, sidewalk construction, and paving, covering an area of 9,300 square meters. The total cost of this stage is R$ 7.8 million.

Mayor Eduardo Paes, the Infrastructure Secretary, and the Bangu sub-mayor, Robson do Chocolate, were present at the start of the works in this location.

“The works start tomorrow. We will revitalize the entire neighborhood, but in phases. Starting with the first streets and then moving on to the second phase. It is essential that you follow closely. We will leave everything in perfect condition, with drainage, sanitation, sidewalks, and asphalt,” declared Eduardo Paes.

The Bairro Maravilha program has already transformed 36 locations in the West Zone during this municipal administration. In these areas, the streets have been completely renewed, receiving significant improvements such as basic sanitation, paving, and pavement, improving both rainwater drainage and accessibility. Another 21 projects are underway in the city’s most populous region, including interventions in the communities of Caminho da Guarda, in Sepetiba, and Jardim Vitória, in Santa Cruz.

In addition to the West Zone, the program is also benefiting the North Zone, with improvements in eight locations such as Rocha Miranda, Bonsucesso, and Ramos. An intervention has already been completed in the Encantado neighborhood. The total investment in infrastructure in the West and North Zones exceeds R$ 1.1 billion. By February of this year, about 70 kilometers of urbanization had already been carried out by the Bairro Maravilha program.