Retailers have begun to install micromarket in homes

Since April 16, “Azbuka Vkusa” will set the machines in the hallways of apartment buildings in Moscow. Earlier, the network had planned to focus micromarket only in business centers, but in terms of the pandemic has decided to extend the project and on houses. Until the end of the month, the network will deploy 25 machines before the end of the year 125. As explained “the Russian newspaper” in the company, for residential complexes there is a assortment of cooking and the Essentials – bread, meat and fish products, cheeses, drinks, etc., so that residents have always been “at hand”. The kiosks, installed in offices, will be sold only cooking. The range will vary depending on the preferences of the buyers.

Photo: Ramil Sitdikov/RIA Novosti dietician told how to eat right during isolation

the Company undertakes electricity and are also ready to pay the rent used square meters (offices, it costs about 1-2 thousand rubles./month.).

to Pay for purchases in micromarket through the app Briskly Pay: you should download it, you can bind the card to open the door micromarket, scan the barcode of a product and to pay.

micromarketer will be placed dispensers disposable gloves that you can safely open the door and take the goods. Every day there will be the disinfectant treatment.

Earlier, a similar project launched a network of “Coswell”: machines will be installed in the entrances of apartment houses of Moscow and St. Petersburg. The range will be provided around 70 products with a short shelf life beverages. Before the pandemic, the network had set their machines in the airports and at stations MCK.

Retailers are trying to offset falling sales on the back of meR isolation, says CEO of Infoline Ivan Fedyakov. For example, “Carousel” and “Ribbon” organized a free taxi to their hypermarkets. According to the HSE, only for the first week of April in stores “at home” traffic dipped by 20-30% and large stores by 40-60%.

Photo: Anton novoderezhkin/TASS Shopping “at home” prescribed rules in terms of COVID-19

the Consumer from such a variety of formats and services only wins. But for business to invest in the development of new formats in the current environment – a very risky, says Ivan Fedyakov. “Now the most suitable anti-crisis strategy for the retail sector is investing in improving the efficiency of existing formats and objects,” says Fedyakov. He notes that “Azbuka Vkusa” and “Coswell” already had the tools of the remote trade, and to develop this method of sales would have been more justified.