What did you find? Despite the fact that the fair sex makes up 54% of Russia’s population, their share among the employed in the economy are inferior to men. The work is 60% women, whereas among men the rate is 72%. And ladies earn less than men having the same qualification. The gap is on average 28%. Because of this traditionally “female spheres of activity” are less paid and lose their attractiveness for employment.

Although the formal features must be the reverse situation. For example, higher education is 36% of the economically active women and only 28% of men. The share of highly qualified specialists – 63% and 37%, respectively. But only 6% of respondents believe that the ladies is easier to build a career. Although the paradox is that in Russia the share of women managers reaches 41%, one of the highest rates in the world.

In the tech sector for the digital economy, this imbalance becomes quite amazing shapes. There are about equal numbers of men and women, but ladies often get the position of sellers, managers and operators. Men often take on the work of engineers, programmers and system administrators. At the same time 48% of women and 55% of men believe that sex differences do not affect the quality of work with information systems.

However, the interviewed parents are willing to recommend a career in IT sons three times more often than girls. Researchers believe that this approach is associated with stereotypical images of successful people. The success of the ladies often associated with show business (so said 33% of respondents), with blogging (32%), arts (19%) or journalism (18%), while the image of prosperous ladies appeared to be associated with the policy, only 4% of respondents, and with the business and digital economy – only 1%.

As it turned out, this distribution is consistent with the expectations of the society in which 71% of respondents believe that the main purpose of women is to be a good mother and hostess, and 89% of women believe that family should provide a man.