In 1875, when Dorogomilovo did not know luxury homes, Mercedes and land disputes, this place was a wasteland. Merchant Govardovskii acquired it under the brewery. And built not some dull shop, and arshadevi on the model of the Munich brewery. In peacetime there brewed beer, soft drinks, in the First world – the explosives and dyes, in Soviet times – again beer. In 2006, like many other businesses, Badaevskiy factory stopped. By the time there are not all buildings-monuments in its ensemble. One of them is so dilapidated that it was demolished and replaced by others. And in two thousand, when the plant was gone, a part of premises was rented out for restaurants, the courtyard was a Parking lot. Capital Group bought the territory under the new investment project, which immediately came under the scrutiny of the “Arhnadzor”, and indeed the entire local population.

At the request of investors, the project was designed by Swiss archive Bureau Herzog & de Meuron, the Pritzker prize. The dominant feature of the project was a “floating home” is a multifunctional residential complex, which will rise from the ground 35 meters for the score columns. This is what angered critics of the concept. Although this complex is really going to stand for the territory of the monument, visually it will push badaevskie corps, noted dissent. At Capital Group a different perspective: after all, the investor at his own expense, undertaken to recover a significant part of the ensemble, namely lost in the Soviet era the building. To recreate it, had to raise the old drawings, to attract renowned designers. Formally a factory building is not protected, but visually complement the effect of red tape: this epithet is clear, if you look at the brewery from the boat on the Moscow river. And as for the house on the columns, its called one of the most elegant architectural solutions in housing construction. The columns look massive, due to their greatly expanded space.

the Main result of the global reconstruction of the industrial zone will be a public Park of 4 hectares, two-thirds of all the space will fill the trees. Judging by renderam investor, the city will receive one of the best outdoor recreation areas in the city. There will be a promenade and landscaped waterfront green areas and lawns, even the semblance of an amphitheatre – a concept that we now see, for example, on Lubyanka square near the building of the Polytechnic Museum.

the architectural Committee believe that so harmonious a bunch embankment of the Moscow river and Kutuzovsky Prospekt. And Park this is the largest prestigious of God. With a high estimate of the capital’s architects agreed the international community: in 2019, the project received three awards World 2019 Architecture Festival, this competition is also called architectural “Oscar”. From Moscow there never won. And reconstruction Babaevskogo plant recognized a good solution to connect the new construction, restoration of old buildings and creating new public spaces. Now that the investor has received a certificate of the approval of the architectural-urban solutions, you can begin to work. When they start, Capital Group will report at a later date.