A lot is coming up in June 2022. The 9-euro ticket will be introduced at the beginning of June and fuel prices are also expected to fall in the new month. There is also an important change for Aldi and Lidl employees.

For only 9 euros a month, bus and train travel nationwide in local transport – this should be possible from June for three months. With the special campaign, the traffic light coalition also wants to relieve non-drivers of the high energy costs. Proponents see a great opportunity for more climate-friendly transport – critics fear a flash in the pan and warn that overcrowded buses and trains tend to deter potential new users.

Holders can use it to travel nationwide on all buses, trams, subways, suburban trains and local and regional trains – regardless of whether they are operated by Deutsche Bahn or other providers. The price of 9 euros applies per month. Long-distance transport with ICE, Intercity and Eurocity, the green Flix trains and long-distance buses cannot be used. In addition, the ticket is only valid for 2nd class.

It is definitely worth it for commuters with a subscription to local transport, a monthly or annual pass. You will only be charged 9 euros for the month or you will receive a refund. Many transport associations hope to win long-term subscription customers with the three cheap start months.

After the Russian attack on Ukraine, fuel prices skyrocketed in this country – sometimes by double-digit cents per liter per day. According to the ADAC, Super E10 peaked on March 14 with a nationwide daily average of EUR 2.203 – that’s a good 45 cents more than the day before the outbreak of war. Diesel was the most expensive on March 10 at 2.321 euros per liter – an increase of almost 66 cents compared to the pre-war level.

The traffic light coalition therefore decided to reduce energy taxes on fuel for three months – from the beginning of June to the end of August – as much as EU guidelines allow. It is hoped that the companies will pass this on to their customers. According to the Ministry of Finance, the tax rate for petrol is reduced by 29.55 cents per liter and for diesel by 14.04 cents. The reduction is controversial, because in the meantime fuel prices have fallen noticeably again.

In the new month there is also an important change for all employees at Aldi. From June 2022, the minimum wage will be raised from 12.50 euros to at least 14 euros per hour. This applies to both Aldi Süd and Aldi Nord. Career changers or student sales assistants can also look forward to a higher minimum wage. However, employees in training are excluded.

Aldi’s competitor Lidl has also announced that the minimum wage for employees covered by collective agreements will be raised to 14 euros from June 2022.

Deutsche Bahn will abolish the BahnComfort bonus program from June 13th. In the future there will only be the BahnBonus program. However, this will change. From mid-June there will be three different status levels. The DB says on their website:

“The higher the status level, the more attractive the benefits. In the different levels – from 1,500, from 2,500 and from 6,000 status points – you can look forward to many well-known services, such as B. entry into the DB Lounge, the exclusive seating area, preferred care in the travel center and some new status benefits.” The exact details of the new bonus program should be available from June on the Deutsche Bahn website.