Whether warm or cold, sweet or savory: Our Easter brunch recipes the whole family happy. And after that, all are well strengthened for the large eggs.

What is Brunch?

The Brunch is Breakfast and lunch combined – and that usually lasts the whole morning. Therefore, to the ingredients on the table, classic Breakfast, something Warm, such as, for example, a soup or a Wähe not be missing. In addition to one or two Highlights such as an Easter roast, pigtail Häsli or an Easter chüechli you still need these delicious dishes.

The best recipes with Egg

Bored with the scrambled eggs? We show you the most delicious eggs recipes that you can try an alternative to the classic. Here you will find seven eggs dishes to Fall in love with.

So, prepare poached eggs properly

eggs is poach as the king’s discipline when the eggs cook. We will show you how it is possible. Click here to see step-by-step instructions.

eggs Canapés

Delicious Canapés are not to be missed. Eggs, cottage cheese, Curry, and mustard to make these sandwiches to experience a Taste. The recipe you find here.

Shakshuka – Delicious “mixture” of eggs and vegetables

Shakschuka, a specialty of the Israeli and North African cuisine conquered Europe. This is exactly the Right thing for all the hearty Breakfast. Our Shakschuka recipe guarantees the joy of cooking and tastes best straight from the pan!

Baked eggs in Avocado

Avocado is a Superstar in the kitchen, it tastes good and also contains lots of unsaturated fatty acids. Here you will find a simple and delicious Breakfast recipe that makes every Morning a Highlight.

Gemüsecake with cheese

this delicious recipe for Gemüsecake with cheese, Pepperoni and Egg, you can enjoy in good conscience. The recipe you find here.

spinach Quiche is easy and tasty

spinach is an ideal kitchen buddy for the evening cooks. Ingeniously simple: Ricotta-Quiche with spinach – easy, delicious and low fat!

crepes recipe smoked salmon

The French classics in an unusual Form: What looks like a pie, a salty Appetizer. Salmon, try one of the special Mille-feuille Crêpes recipe with Smoke.

Baked Avocado with chickpeas and goat cheese

Fast and good for the line: With this Avocado recipe you can’t go wrong. Topped with chickpeas and goat cheese this dish fits as a main meal or Brunch. Pure enjoyment!

So easy to cook garlic soup

The wild garlic soup tastes just fantastic. How easy this seasonal soup can be made, you can find here. A puff pastry with herbs or freshly baked bread. Wild garlic soup recipe you will find here.

pumpkin pancakes

With this pumpkin recipe for a great mood to your Easter brunch. Pumpkin pancakes are delicious and low in calories.

Nutty wild garlic Pesto yourself

wild garlic with its intense fragrance is just a part of the spring. You can collect fresh herbs in the forest, and process. Wild garlic pesto is one of the most popular recipes and is suitable for Pasta as well as Brotauftrisch.

quiche recipe

The tarte flambée is a classic that tastes almost everyone! With this simple recipe, you will impress your guests.

Easter chüechli with carrots

The traditional Easter chüechli in Switzerland for Easter as the Easter baskets-Looking. A recipe for Easter cakes to bake.

to spice up the Easter brunch on the

Soon, he hops back in the good old Easter Bunny. For many families, the Moment in the year to come to a cozy Brunch together – and for all of the Amateur decorators, and Amateur chefs the opportunity, once again, really creative, let off steam.


Easter eggs read more color

Easter egg coloring is Fun, especially for children. Colors can be made from natural ingredients. Shows how to use the the recipe here.

Easy recipes for Easter brunch

Happy Easter! The Brunch is ready. With our tips and delicious recipes you can enjoy with a clear Conscience.