The Switzerland book Highlights of a fascinating country

“The Swiss book” from the Kunth Verlag summarizes all of the Highlights of the Swiss Confederation. From each Region, the most important and most beautiful sights to be picked out. A Swiss opened here not Unknown, the Band shows the beauty of the landscape and the cultural heritage, however, made out of beautiful photographs. In the accompanying text there is to discover also something New.

The Swiss book, Kunth Verlag, 336 pages, 47 of the Swiss franc.

huts 2 – New desire places in the Alps,

cottages are a lifeline, meals eating place, and Hiking destination. The hundreds of huts in the Alps are a guarantee for the functioning of tourism. Some are legendary, others were designed by well-known architects. The book “cottages 2” tells exciting stories, the hut keepers and Hiking tips. Be portrayed huts in the entire Alps, from Switzerland, have managed six places in the book.

huts 2, National Geographic, 240 pages, 73 of the Swiss franc.

< p > instructions for use for Zürich

the ratio of the majority of Swiss to Zurich is like a verknorzte relationship: You can not with and not without the Diva on the Limmat river. So it is also a star author Milena Moser, who describes in her “directions for use of Zurich” with a Grin, the idiosyncrasies of the city and its inhabitants. A Must for all of Zurich and Rest of Switzerland. Also recommended is the book instructions for use of Switzerland by Thomas Küng is.

directions for use of Zurich, 224 pages, Piper Verlag, 23 francs.

hikes to cheese

The book “Chäswanderungen” is a Mix of a Hiking guide, image band, and the crafts report. The author Duo Tina Balmer and Giorgio Hösli have worn 35 walks to dairies and Alpwirtschaften in the whole of Switzerland.

Chäswanderungen, 323 pages. AZ publishing. 49 Swiss francs.

on the Road in the Alps – The big travel book

The Band’s “on the Road in the Alps” is a book to browse. It is the attractions of the whole of the Alps represents space in short texts and expressive images. So, you can plan on the Sofa for the next trip or a longer trip. Even if the book encloses all of the Alpine countries, devote only about 60 pages of Switzerland.

on the Road in the Alps, Kunth Verlag, 512 pages, 41 of the Swiss franc.

The most beautiful landscapes of Switzerland

Switzerland is blessed with many beautiful corners. Not all of them make it into the consciousness of the Public. Therefore, the Swiss Foundation for landscape protection selects every year the most beautiful landscapes of Switzerland. In the book of the same name, the ten winners of last years will be presented.

landscapes in Switzerland, 184 pages, Werd & Weber, 49 francs.

dream of Switzerland

gardens are fascinating gardens. Because of the fact that human activity has a formative nature. Whether from a small home garden to the landscaped Park: A beautiful garden is pleasing to the gardener as well as the visitors. In the Band “dream of Switzerland gardens” AT the publisher, the journalist Sarah Fasolin an Overview of the most beautiful flowers in rich of the country.

dream gardens, AT Verlag, 272 pages, 59 of the Swiss franc.

Literary wanderings

Since time immemorial, Switzerland is a place of longing for artists and great minds. In particular, the literati have retreated into the mountains to find inspiration for their works. The book “the Wonderful weightless the world,” with writers on a hike through Switzerland. The texts are more likely to be biographically and provide an insight into the life of the literati in Switzerland. In addition, there are wall tips, to walk in the footsteps of such greats as Max Frisch, Hermann Hesse, and Friedrich Schiller.

Literary walks, red dot publishing, 344 pages, 45 francs.