Putin signed a decree on conscription into the army in 2020

Putin signed a decree on conscription into the army in 2020 Putin has signed a decree on conscription into the army in 2020
the Ministry of defence

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on conscription of citizens for military service in April-July 2020.

According to the decree, the call will be implemented from 1 April to 15 July and will apply to citizens of the Russian Federation aged 18 to 27 not being in stock and subject to call to military service. The call, according to the document, will cover 135 thousand people.

In accordance with the decree, in the same period will be held the dismissal from military service of citizens, passing it on an appeal, reports “Interfax”.

Assembly points of military commissariats during the spring call-up was equipped with a special control posts in the health of recruits who go into the army this spring, the newspaper “Izvestia”. “To prevent the spread of disease, these items are switched to a special mode of operation. They include several control posts, equipped isolated areas and trained duty specialists, which may to urgently evacuate revealed ill”, – reported in the publication.

According to him, the recruits arrived at the point to send in the part that will be “in separate rooms with the total prohibition of contacts with other groups.” “Young people who have the symptoms will be identified at the Assembly points or on the way to the troops, will become the object of medical care”, – the newspaper writes.

the Doctors expressed confidence that the military coronavirus will arrive, and the precautions taken will certainly work. “These measures must be effective said infectious diseases doctor Anna Oreshkova. In the army of iron discipline. Quarantine, separation of groups – all of which should give results. But it is necessary to strictly control compliance with all requirements.”

Earlier, the Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that all recruits arrived to military units during the spring recruiting company, will take two-week quarantine. He also reported that all were called up for military service this spring, will test for the coronavirus.

According to Sergei Shoigu, the majority of recruits sent to the army in may-June. Prior to military service will only allow those young people who do not identify infection new infection, the Minister added.

In November 2017, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree set the size of the Russian Armed forces to 1 million 902 thousand 758 people, 1 million 13 628 thousand of them are military, the rest civilian personnel.