Partners in the Eurasian economic Union (EEU) have increased pressure on Russia on reducing gas prices asks not only the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, but also Armenia and Kyrgyzstan. Vladimir Putin, however, remained adamant. The allies, he said, will continue to determine market conditions and provide a reasonable rate of profit to Gazprom. And if they disagree, the point about the gas can generally be excluded from the development strategy of the EEU.

Alexander Lukashenko is expected to hold a summit of the Union in the usual format: meet fellow presidents in Minsk, feed traditionally Bulba grown in our own farm, and chat heart to heart. But the pandemic coronavirus made these plans.

the Leaders of Armenia and Kazakhstan do not seem to object to coming, but Russia disagreed. Vladimir Putin, known for the quarantine period to only once, on may 9, left his suburban residence of Novo-Ogaryovo. And even now, when the country officially announced the easing of restrictive measures, continues to work remotely. However, some of the leaders in the videoconference even like it. “Consider it a relevant and effective tool for decision-making”, – said the President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, Gormat.

the Main event virtual summit of the EEU should be adoption of the development strategy of Eurasian integration until 2025. The document was prepared and discussed for several months, but in the end turned out to be crude: in their speeches, the leaders were alternately told that they are not satisfied.

thus, Kazakhstan alarmed by the excessive desire of the regulator, the Eurasian economic Commission (EEC) is to take some powers to national authorities. In particular, to be able to intervene in matters of health, education and science. And to participate in bilateral negotiations with the members of the Union with third countries. “What’s that for?” – did not understand Tokayev.

Kyrgyz President Sooronbay Zheenbekov, on the contrary, not satisfied with the lack of authority of a supranational regulator. His country and in peace time is a state of permanent trade war with Kazakhstan, and now the problem has worsened. “I propose to endow the EEC the right of appeal to the court of the EAEU for the imposition of penalties in case of not elimination of trade barriers,” said Jeenbekov, noting that the absence of free movement of goods and cargo from Europe and Ukraine, in the context of the pandemic threatens the food security of Kyrgyzstan.

the document on the development of the Union Jeenbekov also found no concrete proposals for joint projects in agriculture, industry and engineering. “We talk a lot about it, but noticeable resultsin there,” he spread his hands.

the Presidents of Armenia and Belarus joined forces in the hope of securing Russia to lower gas prices. In the strategy Nikol Pashinyan and Alexander Lukashenko proposed to include a paragraph on “non-discriminatory approach” and a single rate for transportation and transit of gas, regardless of the country of its origin.

currently, the share of transport costs in the final price of gas for strategic partners of Russia reaches 70%. Minsk pays $127 per thousand cubic meters, which is very disturbing old man. (Even Germany in the year of the 75th anniversary of the Victory, he said, pays less). Yerevan – $165.

Moscow, However, these requirements do not agree. “Single tariff for transportation and trait can be realized only in a single market with a single budget and a single tax system. Such a deep level of integration in the EEU has not yet been achieved” – said Vladimir Putin. He added that while the price of gas will be formed on the basis of market conditions and “provide a reasonable rate of profit on invested in the production of capital”. “This, dear colleagues, the usual international practice”, – reminded the GDP.

According to Putin, the draft strategy says that the approaches to pricing of gas to be determined in the negotiations about the formation of the single market. If Belarus and Armenia with the wording do not agree, point for gas it is possible to exclude from the document that there are no obstacles for signing.

Putin said what Russia’s position is shared by Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, but this is not true. In fact, in his speech Jeenbekov also expressed “the need to provide non-discriminatory approaches to the rates for the transportation of gas”. And on the eve of the Bishkek summit, followed by Yerevan and Minsk officially turned to Russia with a request to reduce the cost of gas that the Republic buys at $150. But his voice in the gas dispute is so weak that nobody heard.