in Addition to the situation in the industry as a whole, Vladimir Putin wanted to know what is happening in the environmental field, and to hear the report on major projects related to the development of the Northern sea route.

“of Course, and the global nuclear family, and “Rosatom” has felt the effects of a pandemic”, – said Likhachev. But for almost half a year safety performance in the industry remain at a very high level, the stability of the stations this year is approximately twice higher than in the previous year, reduced injuries, there was not industrial or fire accidents. Set maximum record performance in almost all key areas. Domestic investment stable at around 250 billion rubles. Rising tax revenues to the budgets this year to 220 billion rubles, while from the state Rosatom receives 70 billion, one third of the projects. Rising average wages and productivity. The volume of construction increased this year by 70 percent.

the Head of “Rosatom” said that last year “Rostelecom” has launched the largest data center in Europe, and is the idea of such centres to place on the territories of nuclear power plants “Energy physical and cyber defence in full”. “But they all try to your fence is now closer. And you want them right at the perimeter?” – said Putin. “In fact, in the perimeter in Russia and abroad. And it would become a holder of a large gooble, that is the holder of all of the resources that the government now creates and from the point of view of archival data, and from the point of view of personal data. To protect the maximum,” – said the source.

“But still you have a special mode of operation of nuclear power plants. There will be new individuals, legal entities, we must be very careful, it is necessary to provide security,” warned the head of state. “Modes should be provided, – the President said. – But in General you are absolutely right, they need to keep close”. This will reduce costs.

Likhachev moved to specific projects. Finished almost all construction and installation work on the second power unit of Leningrad nuclear power plant. “We expect that in July we will issue a license to fizuck, it will be official birth of the station,” he said. May 22 was put into commercial operation in the North, the floating nuclear power station. May 1, passed the largest in the country Adyghe wind farm – 150 MW. Another will appear soon in the Stavropol region. Equipment is localized at 65-70 per cent and plans to increase to 90-95 percent. Completed platform and the technical design on multipurpose fast research reactor. “I hope that our partners in France, China, the Czech Republic, this will become an attractive joint project”, – noticed Likhachev. In the center named after Dima Rogachev from operesheni��m graphics built radiological complex.

Likhachev reported on foreign construction projects in 10 countries in 25 venues, all the facilities are ready in 36 States. The largest volume of construction works this year will be in Turkey and in Bangladesh. The flagship project of the Belarusian station: construction work, obtaining licenses fizuck is expected in July.

the President set the task to increase the cargo traffic along the Northern sea route to 80 million tons by 2024. Work is also underway on a year-round use. To the East were two very early posting of gas tankers “Vladimir Voronin” and “Christophe de Margerie”, including with a commercial speed of almost 12 knots per hour, in may, the heavy ice, said the speaker. In the 20’s days of June will begin sea trials of the nuclear icebreaker “Arktika”, and in September, the deadline is in October it will be in commercial operation. “I think that by 30 million tons this year will be selected?” – asked the President. “I guess we’ll cross,” – said the source. “It’s ahead of schedule turns out. 30 million planned in 2021” – praised Putin.

the most important Task for the project “Ecology” – to convert four plants for the destruction of chemical weapons in ekoagrobanka powerful by 2023, and 2024 to launch another three new plants in the country. At the same time, a unified system of recycling the first and second class industrial safety is the most severe, causing irreparable damage to the nature of the waste. “Our technologies allow them to recycle, not dispose of, but it requires a system of control and accounting. Here we have a complete understanding with the government,” – said Likhachev.