Toni Berthel: , Such a Bad News to trigger something in us. You could say it is a Form of fear, lust. Because it is something New, the power on the one hand, fear and does not belong to us, on the other hand, fascinated, but at the same time we try to push it away. This is the basic mechanism of how we scare handle phenomena to us. Thus, it can also arise in the case of new media dependency.

The Problem is that Addiction is also becoming a time Ghost phenomenon. What is today the Addiction that was in the middle ages, a mortal sin.

gluttony would be the food addiction, greed, is today seeking to Purchase or lust the sex addiction. What is defined as Addiction, is often charged and morally.

These activities and substances on the reward system. At some point the will be written at the cellular level. A substance or a behavior is so fix with positive experiences in a context. Therefore, we try to repeat the experience. And then there are key stimuli that trigger the Craving for the experience. Then, we need to consume the substance again and get into the vicious circle.

the key stimuli occur very individually. I have a friend who smoked only in the kitchen under the extractor. And after a certain time, when she was cooking and the steam vent has been hired, she wanted to smoke. The sound of the Steam vent was the key stimulus.

parents often worry that their son’s game is addictive. When talking to the specialist of Addiction, and not more of a pastime?
There are six criteria. The first is that one spends more and more time. The second: You have to always consume more, to have the same effect. Because, number three, the tolerance increases, the body adapts to it. Fourthly, it comes to withdrawal symptoms, this means: If I have to compromise on the substance or the behavior, I experience unpleasant feelings. Number five: I consume more, even though I get a in the social environment problems. And Sixthly, addicts feel an uncontrollable Craving for the substance. It takes of these six, two to three of the phenomena that persist for at least six months or a year, so that one can speak of Addiction. Therefore, you can’t say that I’m a chocolate addicted, I have to eat chocolate every day. This is a habit.

If a Boy is playing so much on the Computer and still in the hockey club, then he is not yet addicted to?
has emerged As the phenomenon of gaming, said: If someone is sitting more than 30 hours per week on the Computer, then he is addicted. If I had only sat for 30 hours at the Computer, told my boss that I was lazy. If a child is a lot on the Computer, but at the same time, his colleagues, music makes, in the football club, then that’s not bad. Bad it is when you need the entire time. When it comes to five in the afternoon to go home and up in the Morning to five plays, then in the school tired, and the power can not provide. Today, there are games, which retracts very rapidly successes, so the Kick gets. Since the risk is greater that you try to get the back.

If there is no physical dependence exists, then such patients are nervous, can’t sleep, are restless, sweating. Many people don’t know how to with the daily deal. Fears may arise, they can be depressed.

In the narcotics law is, the Supreme goal of abstinence was. This objective could not be achieved. Psychoactive substances have been consumed for thousands of years, and only a few people have problems with the consumer. Therefore, you can’t make the abstinence to the centre. It should not be a ban on the substances, but to regulatory and loss mitigation. This requires that the legal status is changed. The substances are not simply addicted or sick. The substances that consume the people, because they bring something to you.

no, this is not a surrender. The abstinence orientation is a wrong approach. It is not a question, that the abstinent life finally be the searched life. A life worth living requires that we not do things that are primarily reasonable, such as laughing or dancing. The Intoxicated-Be, the search for other possibilities of Experience, belongs to us humans. We can’t make laws that need passing. However, we must look to it that so can be consumed, and that as little damage as possible is produced, that a quality assurance is given that children are protected from hazards that you can learn, with substances to deal. The question is not: What can we do so that will not be consumed? But: What can we do so that every person can benefit from the positive effects of these substances?

in 1932, drowned in Switzerland 271 people. You are not prohibited from the Swimming in the lake, but it has established the life saving society and the people taught to swim. 2018 drowned in Switzerland to 41 people.

With the regulatory models to ensure that substances are clean on the market. In Germany, since the middle ages, a purity law for beer. Even in wine it is, who produced it, how much alcohol is in it and so on. When you order, in contrast, LSD, you get a Sack, that is not written.

no, not at all. In the USA, was commercialized. I am absolutely against the commercialisation of psychoactive substances. The Doctors have very much money, if you are the opioids duties. Also, people with a slight pain you get used to it. Many of you have dealt with your mental pain with these substances. Then you said, now we are not allowed to give it to them, and the night you took away the people the substance. You have come to the withdrawal, and then to the alley gone and have to get Heroin. Since a shift is happening in the illegality. We have in Switzerland are also cases, where people are painkillers-dependent. But we try to treat you in pain clinics and back out. The United States have an inadequate addiction treatment system.

With this classification are often linked by other reviews, for example, political. For example, it was claimed that Cannabis will be consumed by the Black. In the Era of Nixon in the ‘ 70s, we were told, the drugs, the people would to animals. So you actually meant the Black. About the fear of drugs was found and you can discriminate against whole groups of the population. Or economic interests: in 1912, the United States participated in an international Offensive to Morphine in the narcotic act. In Switzerland, but they were banned only from 1924 because they produced these substances in Switzerland. These are historical processes, which are always irrational, stuck in there. If you look rational, there is no reason to treat Cannabis differently than alcohol. Alcohol would come today, newly on the market, one would prohibit it. Alcohol is a neurotoxin, it destroys the brain, the nerves, there is a fatty degeneration of the liver, cirrhosis of the liver. And yet, it is a cultural heritage, created over thousands of years, and has learned to deal with it.

It leads to collateral damage. We have large criminal organizations, which are financed by these substances. In the last year have been killed in Mexico 25’000 people – all in connection with drug-related crime. In Switzerland it was during the heroin epidemic in the 90s, there is also a great crime: at that Time an ounce cost 800 francs. If you consumed four grams, it’s taken 3000 francs. You could not beg for just heritage, but had to get it with major criminal acts. The health consequences of the ban you can still see today: There were no clean substances, you have been infected with Hepatitis C or B and HIV, and many died of Overdoses. Clean substances as such, but do not lead to death, and have little negative impact on the body.

But of Cannabis, which is regarded as a harmless drug, you can hear that schizophrenia is emerging, psychic attacks …
It is undisputed that such substances also have negative effects. You have to distinguish between psychosis and schizophrenia: Psychotic, who loses touch with reality. This is a short-term condition and stop again. The schizophrenia is triggered when people have a vulnerable basic personality. And this has, in turn, the majority also have a genetic cause.

no, I want to say: life skills means risk competence. A life without risks is not possible. We need to learn to deal with risks. Adults do not need Life know-it-alls. Neither you nor I need a psychologist, doctor or social worker, says that what is good for us. If we know how substances interact, how their quality is and what dose has what effect, can decide for the adult person themselves, whether and what he would like to consume.

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