While life is returning to China after the corona virus epidemic is slowly returning to normality, but remain constraints. One of them says that people are only allowed to return with a special breathing mask fitted to your workplace in order to prevent Neuaufflammen of the disease in the country.

Now, breath have become protective masks in China as much of a rare commodity here in Germany. That’s why companies to be creative. The auto manufacturer BYD, for example, the largest electric car maker in the country, has made in just two weeks, the world’s largest factory for the use of respiratory protective masks on the legs. A week and lasted planning and development, the second seven days on the of pure construction.

BYD produces a quarter of all Chinese masks

Meanwhile, BYD also produces the machines for himself, and is expanding its capacity every day. Currently at five million masks a day, which corresponds to a quarter of the total Chinese capacity. Per day this number is growing by up to 500,000 masks.

BYD has to bring the happiness, unintentionally, a Expertise for the production of the especially in front of corona virus protective masks with the Standard FFP3. To ensure an absolutely dust-free factory environment is required. The same applies for the Assembly of Smartphones – in addition to electric cars, a further field of activity of BYD. With Stock Selection in Europe, you will achieve excess Returns with System! (Partner offer) Now 30 days free of charge test!

the German supplier ZF now also mask manufacturer

The E-car giant is not, however, the company, which has built its own production. Also the German supplier, ZF Friedrichshafen manufactures each day, 100,000 masks in China for its factories, but only with the weaker Standard FFP2, which is sufficient for factory workers but.

in ZF, with 14,000 employees in China, the reasons need to change the masks for safety every four hours. The excess of masks, the company is donating from lake Constance to the city’s administrations of its locations in the giant Empire.

Daimler and VW to donate hundreds of thousands of masks

respiratory masks, the German car maker currently donations. You have usually hundreds of thousands in stock because they are needed in the production of, for example, in the paint shop. Since the factory buildings are currently empty and there are no cars to be built, give it away, at least, Daimler, and Volkswagen, their masks. Volkswagen Vz. 105,42 EUR -8,28 (-7,28%) Xetra

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Daimler announced yesterday, to donate a total of about 110,000 respirators to hospitals and doctor’s offices. Volkswagen moved to today, and even wants to give 200,000 of masks with the Standards FFP3 and FFP2 from the Fundus. Both companies reserve the right, however, still significant amounts for their own needs – after all, the production should be able to be moved at some point again. In the case of two corporations, the Federal Minister of health Spahn (CDU) had advertised for the donation.

Volkswagen also announced to produce in China soon own masks. Also, the German authorities are to benefit. Also, VW wants to help this country with Fever thermometers, disinfectants, and medical devices. Bernecker exchange – compass orientation for your Depot. Clear. Compact. Competent. (Partner offer) Now for 30 days completely free trial!

US car manufacturers want to build ventilators

the great car builders of the United States in the crisis of new fields of activity. Up to 30. March around the Assembly lines stand idle at General Motors and Ford at least. Both companies are now in talks with the government, whether they can take over the production of respiratory devices or other medical Parts. Also, Tesla CEO Elon Musk wants to participate. He had bought 1255 respiration devices in China, he wanted to give away. Besides, he could use the free capacities of its Gigafactory for the construction of other devices.

In the UK, had contacted the head of the government, Boris Johnson, directly to the car maker. In both countries there is a lack of heavy-Covid-19-cases required ventilators. The UK has about currently 4000, needs according to estimates from the national health service NHS but 20,000 extra.

Ferrari and Fiat-Chrysler want to work in Italy. Both are in talks with the manufacturer Siare Engineering, the freed capacity in its car factories for the production of ventilation devices. Just the Corona-infested Italy, these devices lack in hospitals. Ferrari and Fiat could produce electronic components for Siare.

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